/Tacori Engagement Rings From The Ribbon Line for #TacoriTuesday

Tacori Engagement Rings From The Ribbon Line for #TacoriTuesday

Tacori engagement rings from the Ribbon line are their answer to the gorgeous & popular twisted shank engagement ring phenomenon. This #TacoriTuesday I want to spend some time showing off these beauties.

First we have to talk about twisted shanks. They’re known as lace shanks in some circles, and in fact that’s the branded name Verragio gives their twisted shank engagement ring settings. On Pinterest, I often see this style referred to as “infinity band” which is my favorite. I love the representation of forever on a ring that symbolizes a lifetime of love! I just don’t want people to get confused with eternity bands, which are a different thing (you can check out Engagement Ring Guru’s breakdown of this.)

But I also love that Tacori envisions their twisted band engagement rings as two ribbons intertwining like two lovers, and two lives, into one. Gorgeous symbolism, and the name “Ribbon Collection” sounds much, much sexier thank “Pave twisted shank semi-mounts” which is why I’m not in charge of name Tacori engagement rings (but that does sound like a dream job.)

So, now that you know what I’m talking about, let’s explore and ogle some Tacori Ribbon eye candy!

Tacori engagement rings

First, this stunning halo with a twist! The setting holds about .71 carats total of round brilliant pave diamonds, G in color and VS in clarity set in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum 0 your choice! The setting can hold whatever shape center diamond your heart desires, and the spare, shared-prong ribbon band of diamonds will complement any shape. Seriously – it’s rare to see a style so versatile but pear shape and princess alike look stunning in this little number.

Tacori engagement rings

Moving on! Love the look of a twisted band but really don’t want a halo? You have your reasons, I get it! You may have searched high and low from here to Tumblr and back with no luck, but a solitaire engagement ring with twisted band can be done, and this Tacori Ribbon setting proves it. Delicate bead set diamonds form twists and turns that open into a split shank – which makes your center diamond look bigger, BTW. This setting holds a dainty .22 carats total of accent diamonds, and it accommodates a center diamond half a carat or larger, and looks best with princess or round shapes.

Tacori Engagement Rings

Another solitaire! See? Plenty of options. This one is super unique and I love the different take on a ribbon band. Set with just .11 carats total of Gorgeous, Very Sexy diamonds, this ring uses architecture, rather than bling, to stand out. The open air twin rows of diamonds open and close before meeting the center diamond, which can be .75 carats and up in the shape of your choice.

Tacori Ribbon engagement ring

For a bolder, more diamond-intense look, I love this setting that’s a crossover with the RoyalT line. The chunkier ribbons hold .87 carats total of round brilliant accent diamonds, and they’re not only embedded in the top (aerial perspective) of the ring, but the sides too. Tacori’s signature crescent design runs along the ring’s inner face, studded with diamonds so this ring glitters from every angle. It comes in 18 karat yellow gold, 18 karat rose gold, 18 karat white gold, and platinum. It does demand a larger center stone, just because those gorgeous ribbons command so much attention, so you need to start with a 2 carat center diamond or larger, in round or princess shapes.

Tacori engagement rings

What goes best with Tacori engagement rings? Tacori wedding rings, of course! No Tacori Ribbon setting looks complete until it finds its partner in crime, a matching wedding band to snuggle right up to it. This wedding ring looks even more like the infinity symbol, and it fits with no air between it and any Tacori Ribbon engagement ring.

Are you loving the Tacori Ribbon collection as much as I am? Pin your favorites, and check out Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s entire board full of Tacori engagement ring selfies on Pinterest!

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