Hands down one of the BEST parts of Diamonds by Raymond Lee finally being open is our access to all things TACORI! It’s a brand I’ve loved for years, ever since I laid my teenage girl googly eyes on┬áthose iconic ads (in the menu at The Cheesecake Factory, of all places.) And as RLJ started evolving our bridal business from our (admittedly fabulous) estate jewelry to high-end designer, it seemed like we edged ever closer to Tacori.

But not until DRL was conceptualized and underway did we make things official with the ultimate in designer bridal. At last, we are authorized retailers for this stunning line, and I’m thrilled that I get to gush about them all day long. They’re a wedding ring (and fine jewelry, BTW) brand that fully embraces the future too, which is exciting. It’s rare to find brands in this eons-old business looking to the future the way that the team at DRL does, but Tacori is one of them through and through.

Anyway, because the only excuse I need to wax poetic about Tacori wedding rings is the fact that it’s Tuesday, I’m combining my love for fancy rings with the Tacori’s own hashtag to give you my twist on #TacoriTuesday. I don’t think anyone would object to some of the finest eye candy this side of the Sears Tower, so please, let’s indulge.

Tacori Dantela Wedding Ring

Tacori Dantela soft square halo wedding ring

Tacori Wedding ring

Tacori Reverse Crescent cushion shaped halo engagement ring setting

Tacori RoyalT Halo

Tacori RoyalT halo wedding ring for diamonds 2 carats and up

Tacori Full Bloom floral halo wedding ring

Tacori Full bloom floral inspired halo solitaire

Tacori Gold Halo wedding ring

Tacori yellow gold halo diamond wedding ring

Tacori emerald cut wedding ring

Tacori RoyalT halo wedding ring shown with emerald cut center stone

Tacori Ribbon wedding ring

Tacori Ribbon wedding ring with diamond crescent band and solitaire

If you’re shopping for something different, something handcrafted, and something that’s undeniably luxurious, look no further from Tacori. They’re the biggest name in bridal jewelry for good reason – you can see exactly why when you shop Tacori online at DRL.

I'm the marketing director for Raymond Lee Jewelers, the voice behind Designers & Diamonds, and the crazy woman obsessively live Tweeting the lack of jewelry coverage at red carpet events.