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Breguet Reine de Naples Celebrates the Bicentennial of Its First Watch

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Breguet celebrates the 200th anniversary of its first watch manufactured, this month. The watch was not only a first for Breguet but also possibly the first timepiece for the wrist. Breguet has commemorated the special occasion with production of the Reine de Naples Anniversary Edition watch. Abraham Louis-Breguet made the wristwatch for Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples and longtime admirer of his timepieces. Photo courtesy of watchtime.com Breguet began celebration of the anniversary in January with a traveling exhibit which offered audiences a glimpse of the world’s first wristwatch as well as previews of the Read More →

Hey, There’s a Ruby in that Watch! The Intelligence of Natural Gemstones

The advantages of jewel bearings include high accuracy, very small size and weight, low and predictable friction, temperature stability, and the ability to operate without lubrication and in corrosive environments. They are known for their low static friction and highly consistent dynamic friction.
Only the elite quality watchmakers used sapphire, ruby, or diamond jewel pivots, whereas the majority of watches used garnet, quartz, or even glass jewels to create their jewel bearings. Jewel bearings for watches were ground from tiny pieces of natural gemstones from their introduction in the 1700’s until the early 20th Century, when a process to create synthetic rubies was discovered. The Intelligence of Natural Gemstones! -Alexandra at Raymond Lee Jewelers Read More →