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Rolex Box and Papers: Why Are They So Important?

Why is it important to keep the box and papers that come with your Rolex? Buying a Rolex is much more than buying a watch; you are making an investment. When buying a pre-owned Rolex, you can usually get close to, if not more, than your original purchase price for your watch years later. Rolex’s are made to hold their value over time. To insure the most amount of money for your Rolex make sure you keep the box and papers it came with. Rolex boxes sell for hundreds of dollars on their own and are an integral part of Read More →

Rolex Turn-O-Graph: A History

The Rolex Turn-O-Graph was first produced in 1953. The main feature of this new watch was a rotating bezel to record elapsed time. Rolex called it a time-recording rim. Each minute division was shown by a small circle and each 10 minute interval was a number. The first Turn-O-Graph had pencil hands and was certified to dive up to 50 meters. Later on in the 1950’s the Turn-O-Graph, along with the Submariner, changed to the Mercedes hands. Also, the luminous part of the second hand was closer to the center of the watch. The first Turn-O-Graph had a very distinctive Read More →

Rolex Explorer: A History

Image via Wikipedia Rolex Explorer: A History Rolex’s continual efforts to improve its waterproof cases and shock-proofing systems ended with the creation of the Explorer model. By the 1950s Rolex’s rounded-back watches were seen as very reliable for their reputation of being tough and hard-wearing. Consequently, Rolex decided to carry these sturdy characteristics to the Explorer model for active and adventurous customers. From late 1952, prototypes of the first Explorers were given to mountaineering expeditions for field trials. At this early stage, the Explorer name was not displayed on the dial, and the watches were simply bubble-backs with white dials. Read More →

Jaeger-LeCoultre and its Reverso

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is one of the most recognizable watches in the world. It was created to help protect watch faces during sporting events. The watch face is able to slide and turn over so that the back of the face is now the top. This protects the dial and crystal from scratches. The patent for this design was applied for in March 1931. Monsieur Cesar was working with gold dentures in England in the 1920’s. He went to India in 1930 to try and sell his product and heard polo players complaining that their watches kept getting scratched during Read More →

Rolex Submariner: A History

Throughout the world in the 1950’s was a huge demand for diving watches. Scuba diving was becoming increasingly more popular and so too were it’s accompanying watches. Divers needed an accurate way of measuring how fast they were coming back to the surface and decompressing. DCI (decompression illness) was something they wanted to avoid at all costs. By the year 1954 there were three models of the Rolex Submariner were for sale. These first versions did not show the depth on the dial like they do today. In the Rolex catalog it stated that two of the three were waterproof Read More →

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