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Antique Engagement Rings

So on Tuesday, we chatted about vintage engagement rings. The word vintage is meant to denote a specific age, but because it’s not specific in jewelry (as opposed to its use in the wine world) it’s open to interpretation and abuse. When it comes to vintage engagement rings, you can get away with calling a 20 year old ring vintage, but it won’t have that “look” you’re likely going for. If you stick to the 50 year old range, you’re getting closer. And the term “vintage style” refers to a modern ring that borrows from eras of past glamour. But Read More →

Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Eye Candy

Old, or European? (10 points if you recognized that song.) Well, lucky you because today it’s all about both. Old European cut diamonds are a favorite among the vintage and antique loving set. One of the O.G. ways to cut a diamond, the Old European cut predates today’s most popular shape, the round brilliant. The OEC is also round, but has a smaller table (the flat top surface of the diamond), a taller crown (the sloped sides of the diamond above the middle girdle), and an open culet (the pointy bit underneath). This graphic from GIA can help you out Read More →

Sapphire Engagement Ring Eye Candy

This week we’re swooning for September’s birthstone sapphire. The beautiful gemstone, part of the Corundum family, makes for a gorgeous addition to any diamond engagement ring. It also lends a decidedly antique feel. Sapphires first were used in engagement rings during the crusades, when it was believed that the stones could reflect the fidelity of their wearers. When knights returned, they would inspect the color of the rings of their betrothed. emerged to popularity first in Victorian engagement rings, when it was popular to use gemstones to symbolize initials or letters. Sapphires would have represented the letter “S” in a Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Picture Frame Engagement Rings

We’re still swooning over all the new engagement rings we got in to our Boca jewelry store last week. With vintage details and beautiful EGL certified diamond center stones, it’s no wonder we can’t get enough. One setting that we’re particularly attracted to is the picture frame setting. Similar to a halo style engagement ring, the picture frame setting features a beautiful surround of pave, channel set or micropave diamonds on the center stone. Plus, the picture frame setting gives you the best of both worlds: if you love the look of a square setting, but fall in love with Read More →