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A Dozen Questions with DD: Chris Mulloy Antiques

We continue on the epic adventure that is a Dozen Questions with Designers and Diamonds. Today, Chris of Chris Mulloy Antiques takes the time to chat with me about all things sparkling and fabulous. Please ignore my cackle at the end, and just be grateful I didn’t snort. Chris Mulloy antiques is based out of Palm Springs, California, and regularly shows off some of the best vintage estate and antique designer jewelry at Antiques shows. Chris has been in business for 23 years and divides his attention between luxury watches and stunning vintage and antique jewelry. The case at the Read More →

Downton Abbey Series 3 Episode 6 Jewelry Recap: Still Sad, Still Stylish

This week forced us to come to terms with the horrible, horrible event of last week’s episode. Downton Abbery Series 3 Episode 6 certainly was still somber, but little bits of good news and light hearted flirting got us through. Helping the situation was the serious and seriously stylish mourning jewelry the ladies of Downton wore this week. While everyone is still very, very sad the amazing jet jewelry and black velvet flapper ensembles let us know that our stylish aristocrats are still underneath all that black. Edith’s jet necklace All the Grantham/Crawley ladies wore impressive long, jet bead necklaces Read More →

Curves of Class and Whimsy: The Art Nouveau Jewelry Movement Lives On

There’s something so gratifying and appealing about the swoop and flourish of an Art Nouveau piece, whether it be an object d’arte or a bejeweled broach, it’s no wonder that the influence of the movement is still seen nearly 120 after its inception. Birthed in Paris during the late 19th century, the Art Nouveau movement, although deeply rooted in Victorian-era design sensibilities, is known for its ties to the natural world and is floral, curvy, and feminine. Plique-a-jour, a type of enamel that allows light the penetrate through, gives Art Nouveau jewelry an ethereal look reminiscent of stained glass. Birds Read More →

Art Nouveau: A Celebration of Life as Art

Art Nouveau represents a convergence of Symbolist ideals and the radical design principles of a burgeoning class of artisans dedicated to pursuing life as art. The themes of this turn-of-the-century artistic movement find their inspiration primarily in organic feminine forms, including sensual flowers and ethereal insects and animals, such as orchids, dragonflies, irises, and peacocks. The design features of the Art Nouveau movement are at once intricate and timeless, yet so easily distinguished from any other period in art history. The “whiplash” line (or “S-curve”) is by far the most universal design element of the Art Nouveau style. You might Read More →

Jaeger-LeCoultre and its Reverso

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is one of the most recognizable watches in the world. It was created to help protect watch faces during sporting events. The watch face is able to slide and turn over so that the back of the face is now the top. This protects the dial and crystal from scratches. The patent for this design was applied for in March 1931. Monsieur Cesar was working with gold dentures in England in the 1920’s. He went to India in 1930 to try and sell his product and heard polo players complaining that their watches kept getting scratched during Read More →