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Fashion Before Function: Chanel’s New Nail Ring

Rings used to slip onto your finger and sit, unobtrusively for the most part, at the very end, where the finger met the hand. This is no longer the case, as fashion brands scramble to come up with the latest cutting-edge designs that push accessories further and further out, literally. What’s the latest trend from French fashion giant Chanel? It isn’t knuckle rings, and it’s certainly not a standard, boring slips-all-the-way-on ring, no, it’s a nail ring. It sits just on the tip. A Risky Style There’s no question about whether this look is impressive or eye-catching, and Chanel knows Read More →

Spotlight on: Raymond Templier

Raymond Templier was an important figure to the world of Art Deco jewelry design. Like many notable jewelers, he was born into the business. His grandfather, Charles Templier established the family jewelry firm in 1849 in Paris. Raymond’s father Paul continued the business. Raymond was born in 1891. He studied at the Ecole Superior des Arts Decoratives in Paris from 1909-1912. He finished his studies and followed in his father’s footsteps to join the family jewelry firm. Only this time, the designs would take on a new look. Raymond was not interested in the traditional designs that were the trademark Read More →

Curves of Class and Whimsy: The Art Nouveau Jewelry Movement Lives On

There’s something so gratifying and appealing about the swoop and flourish of an Art Nouveau piece, whether it be an object d’arte or a bejeweled broach, it’s no wonder that the influence of the movement is still seen nearly 120 after its inception. Birthed in Paris during the late 19th century, the Art Nouveau movement, although deeply rooted in Victorian-era design sensibilities, is known for its ties to the natural world and is floral, curvy, and feminine. Plique-a-jour, a type of enamel that allows light the penetrate through, gives Art Nouveau jewelry an ethereal look reminiscent of stained glass. Birds Read More →

Art Nouveau: A Celebration of Life as Art

Art Nouveau represents a convergence of Symbolist ideals and the radical design principles of a burgeoning class of artisans dedicated to pursuing life as art. The themes of this turn-of-the-century artistic movement find their inspiration primarily in organic feminine forms, including sensual flowers and ethereal insects and animals, such as orchids, dragonflies, irises, and peacocks. The design features of the Art Nouveau movement are at once intricate and timeless, yet so easily distinguished from any other period in art history. The “whiplash” line (or “S-curve”) is by far the most universal design element of the Art Nouveau style. You might Read More →

Tuesday Shoesday – Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Today’s Tuesday Shoesday ventures not into the realm of Johnny Depp (nor the original soap), but instead focuses on the noir, luscious images that Dark Shadows calls to mind. While we’re perfectly content to swoon over spring pastels, summer’s neon brights, and all the colored denim we can handle, sometimes it’s equally fun to take things to the dark side. It looks like Burberry, Alexander Wang, and Pierre Hardy just might agree with us, especially when you throw our complementary dark baubles into the mix! Tuesday Shoesday: Dark Shadows by raymondleejewelers featuring Ippolita   Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, Read More →

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