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Budget Friendly and Fabulous: Julie Vos Jewelry

Buyers looking to find affordable jewelry will want to take a look at the collection offered though Julie Vos Jewelry. This designer has been committed for some time now to creating affordable pieces that still bear a high quality look to them. The makers through this company have been producing great looking jewelry that still feature an upscale appearance to them. This is perfect for anyone who may want to get the best jewelry for their spouse, but aren’t sure where to look. If you are new to this company or to luxury jewelry designs in general, feel free to Read More →

Innovative Jewelry by Lucifer Vir Honestus

For those that want jewelry of the finest quality, most precious materials, and most innovative styles, Lucifer Vir Honestus is the brand for you. This high end jewelry brand has earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories that are of the finest quality and most interesting design. No longer are these precious metals and stones relegated to the world of the hum drum and boring ring or setting, Lucifer Vir Honestus is a brand that sets out to create items that are one of a kind, that are innovative, and that are sure to get people talking. These pieces are Read More →

5 Unique First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

Few experiences are as magical as the day you say, “I do,” and while there are many details that will clutter your mind as the big day approaches one that deserves plenty of considered attention is your first dance song. No doubt, you want something special, something different, something you can call your own. To ease your sodden mind of one more drop of stress, here are five of the most singular, danceable, and endearing first songs for your deliberation. • Jack Johnson- Better Together This jolly melody has a bouncy and acoustic quality that is ideal for a destination Read More →

Top 5 Men’s Fashion Trends 2012 Fall Season

The bland look of neatly pressed khaki pants and pastel oxford cloth shirts are out for men’s fashion. Here are the top five fashion trends for men who want to look smart and fashion wise this season. Bold New Colors September, 2012 brings bold color to men’s fall fashions. More conservative dressers don’t have to dress in bold colors from head to toe. However, the fashion conscious man will want to try perhaps a purple tie with that boring charcoal grey three-piece suit. A pair of brown tweed slacks will be lively with a burnt orange shirt. Try adding a Read More →

5 CLASSIC RUNWAY LOOKS FOR REAL LIFE – Guest Post by Ferina Santos

As models make their way down the runway do you ever find yourself drooling over their style? If so, you are far from alone. The runway is filled with clothing that makes the heart of any fashion lover skip a beat, but sometimes it can feel difficult to incorporate these extravagant looks into daily style. Here are five classic runway looks that you can wear in real life. 1. The Military Pea Coat – This favorite form of outerwear is always in style and when accessorized correctly it can make a bold statement even in the cold months of winter. Read More →

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