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Jaeger-LeCoultre: Taken with Triple Tourbillon Titanium of Reverso à Triptyque Timepiece

An enamored and transfixed tale starts off the day, with an announced adoration for the Reverso grande complication à triptyque timepiece by Jaeger-LeCoultre. A trifecta of tripled timepiece, laced in metal casing and mechanisms of tourbillon and titanium, and of astronomical phenomenon. With three measures of time: Civil Time, Sidereal Time governed by the placement of the watch wearer in relation to the celestial bodies and constellations, and a precise zodiacal calendar around the circumference of the dial, governed by the celestial horizon and terrestrial equator. This is an exquisite piece of technology, astronomy and astrology. Well Done, Jaeger-LeCoultre! Forever Your Fans, Raymond Lee Jewelers – Boca Raton, FL Read More →