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This Christmas: Inexpensive Designer Watches

The wrist watch is that rare gift that is stunning and impressive, but also a safe bet. Everyone needs more socks, but give someone a pair of socks for Christmas and watch the look of delight fade from their faces. Everyone needs to be able to tell time, and when you give a beautiful watch, their eyes simply light up. Whether you’re buying a gift for your wife or your husband, your friend or your co-worker, your brother, your sister, your mom or your dad, a good wrist watch can really create some happy moments. Here are four of the Read More →

Vintage Watches at Raymond Lee Jewelers – Web Series

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that Raymond Lee Jewelers specializes in buying and selling pre-owned luxury watches. Sometimes our watches are estate buys, other times they’re merely months old. Occasionally, RLJ will purchase antique and vintage watches, though, and these distinct timepieces are almost always standouts. Their rich history is intriguing to us as jewelers, and to our customers who love watches or are avid collectors. Today, we’re sharing this video that highlights three of our remarkable vintage watches from our collection. Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, South Florida’s choice for buying and selling Rolex watches and Read More →

Blancpain Moon Phase: A History

The moon has been an object of wonder for centuries. It was one of mankind’s first guides to the measurement of time, and until relatively recently was the only source of night-time illumination. It controls the tides of the oceans and, it is thought, our moods. Many farmers are aware of the influence of the phases of the moon upon the cycle of harvesting. It is no surprise then that many time-keeping industries have incorporated the moon’s revolving phases into their productions. Blancpain is well-recognized for its production of moon phase watches. In 1983 the Calibre 6395 was introduced and Read More →