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Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids Jewelry

As a bride to be you have put a lot of time and thought into each aspect of your wedding. The dress, of course, is chosen with the greatest care to detail and style. The flowers have to be just the right shade to match your theme and season. Your music has been chosen to perfectly reflect the special relationship you and your groom share. Even the members of your bridal party have been carefully chosen. The girls you have chosen as your bridesmaids are usually going to be your nearest and dearest friends or female relatives. Of course you Read More →

Bridesmaid Dress Guide

This week, I’m all about those ‘maids. Yes that was a dated Maegan Trainor reference and no I don’t even like that song. But we can all agree on its pervasiveness and move on to the subject at hand: bridesmaids! It’s springtime, which means one thing- wedding season is just getting started. You can block off every Saturday on your iCal, and a few Sunday afternoons just to be safe. You should buy stock in Men’s Warehouse. And you will have plenty of opportunities to practice the fine art of dancing to Don’t Stop Believin’. Just be sure to add #weddingSzN to it Read More →

Web Roundup: My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

TGIF ya’ll! Welcome to your weekend, I hope you squeeze in all the Farmer’s Marketing/Game Night/Home Depoting/Bottle Popping/Sleeping In you desire. I’ll be doing some spring cleaning (way better than it sounds, I’m a Virgo & it’s like a day at the spa for me). I’ll also be embracing Mars’ retrograde by continuing my 2014 habit of re-reading old book favorites. I’m also hoping to vacuum seal all of our winter coats into storage but it’s probably too premature for that 🙁 But, a nice productive/relaxing weekend is calling my name after last weekend’s St. Paddy’s festivities! And this week Read More →

Black White and Gold Wedding Inspiration

Given that one of 2013’s hottest wedding trends is the resurgence of the formal wedding, we like the return of a formal color palette to go hand in hand. There’s nothing more classic than black and white, and nothing more elegant than gold. The trio makes for an old world twist on black and white (where silver would skew modern and cool). Touches of gold gild your wedding with glamour, and wisely chosen accessories make this work. We start with your gown (obviously). Black wedding dresses aren’t for everyone, but if you do decide to go to the dark side, Read More →

Bridesmaids Dresses 2012

The word bridesmaid brings a smile to any women’s face. After all, it is an honor to be appointed as the bride’s right hand and to know that she trusts you enough to let you take care of so many of the responsibilities that a wedding includes. A bridesmaid’s tasks range from planning the sexy and fun bachelorette party to scheduling cake sampling and flower arrangements and can be quite overwhelming. Their real duty is to help keep the bride stress-free. But what can the bride do to prevent that joyful smile etched upon a newly appointed bridesmaid’s lips from Read More →

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