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Green Jewels for St. Paddy’s Day

And it is Paddy, not Patty. Thursday, for anyone removed from the stage of life in which you begin drinking at 8am to celebrate an Irish saint, is an off day for St. Patrick’s Day. Oh, how I miss you, college. In Chicago we had our parade and accompanying blight of traffic-inducing bar crawls on Saturday. River dyed green and everything – so I’m not sure who’s celebrating again/still today. No, scratch that, I’m absolutely positive who is and it’s the regular crowd on Clark Street. Given that I’m celebrating in South Florida this year, I get to deck myself Read More →

Thirsty Thursday: Lollipop + Lemon Drop + Lime Coat

Whew, today’s happy hour is a doozy. I’m mixing lemon and lime with my favorite lollipop flavor – Ippolita. Ippolita is having a moment, and arguably started off the slice jewelry trend a few years ago. We still aren’t purchasing many pieces from their Lollipop collections, and that means it’s still hot hot hot – typically I’ll start noticing more and more of a certain style or “it piece” in the showcases as its popularity wanes and the owners sell to RLJ or come in to trade for something new. So current Ippolita pieces are diamonds in the rough at RLJ. Read More →

Friday Faves

This is a joke, right? Who would pay this much for this brand? File Under: Rookie mistakes. When we first moved to Chicago, I immediately ordered snow boots. I got the Sorel super chunky bootswiththafur, and wore them the first time I saw a snowflake, and they rubbed my heels SO BAD. I returned them, bought a pair of Hunter boots & wellie socks and all was well in that winter where there was an actual 80 degree in December. Then last year happened. I re-ordered the Sorels, and they still aren’t super comfortable, but they were warm and that’s Read More →

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It’s a stunning day here in lovely Chicago, and I’m just full of Fall joy (still) And around the internets plenty of goodness caught my eye, here’s what I was into this week and what I’ll be up to this weekend. I totally fell for tortoise, for the millionth time. And wanted to decorate the entire house in gold. Fell in love with Antfarm photography. Really not sure how I feel about this. GIA is undoubtedly the gold standard, but other grading labs do exist, you can’t ignore that fact. You also can’t ignore the fact that EGL USA Read More →

Friday Favorites: Fall Ready

Why, yes, that is meant to be a play on “already!” Get it?? My unmistakable…wit…aside, I am ready for Fall. Well, as ready as I’ll ever be after the unbelievable winter that just ended approx. 2 months ago. But with Fall (my favorite season and I don’t even drink PSL’s) comes all my favorite things. School supplies! Plaid! Riding boots! Football! Apple picking! And baking pumpkin everything! And actual, lovely Fall foliage now that I live somewhere with seasons. It’s great, for the few weeks it lasts before we revert back to the frozen tundra. The rainy 50 degree weather Chicago’s Read More →

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