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This Christmas: Inexpensive Designer Watches

The wrist watch is that rare gift that is stunning and impressive, but also a safe bet. Everyone needs more socks, but give someone a pair of socks for Christmas and watch the look of delight fade from their faces. Everyone needs to be able to tell time, and when you give a beautiful watch, their eyes simply light up. Whether you’re buying a gift for your wife or your husband, your friend or your co-worker, your brother, your sister, your mom or your dad, a good wrist watch can really create some happy moments. Here are four of the Read More →

Luxury Watches

Have you sat down to really think about the most expensive luxury watches from all the major brands? Why not? It’s a nice exercise in meditation and French pronunciation. Or at least the practice of picking one’s jaw up off the floor because these prices. They are bananas, but the watches, they are gorgeous. And powerful, and manufactured by luxury houses whose history spans centuries. Early watchmakers performed feats of engineering that laid the entire foundation for our modern watchmaking process- even with all of our new technology, the greatest leaps and bounds were made centuries ago in small Valle Joux Read More →

Amber Heard Engagement Ring Stunt

Ok, I’ve decided not to let it go. Yesterday I lamented that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s engagement missed the deadline for my <sarcasm> This should end well </sarcasm> post (my attempt at sarcasm font. Brilliant, right?) Well I’m not ready to let it go. And judging by the onslaught of coverage this engagement ring is garnering, that’s exactly what their Amber’s PR team wants. Fine, you win publicists, I’ll take the bait. First of all, Amber Heard is beautiful. She just is. But an A-list actress beauty does not make. Second of all, she must have barely passed Kaley Read More →

Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

When Pantone announces its Color of the Year it’s like Christmas for bloggers. Well, they typically announce it smack in the middle of Christmas shopping season, so it’s like Christmas within Christmas – a fabulous topic for oodles of gift guides and other visual inspiration graphics. It’s also Pantone’s fantastic way of branding while introducing itself to people who aren’t interior decorators or graphic designers. And, without fail, it produces knee-jerk reactions that far outweigh the seriousness of a designate annual color. No Color of The Year since Tangerine Tango has produced such vehement disagreement on Twitter and Pinterest. Radiant Read More →

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle and Shine: New Years Eve Accessories

Social soirees are as much a holiday tradition as caroling, hot coco and wrapping presents. Weather it’s an office party, charity ball, family gathering or a champagne-soaked New Year’s Eve bash, no other time of year presents so many opportunities for fabulous fashion and bright, blingy accessories. So forget trimming the tree and try these tips for trimming your holiday party wear. Amp up a little black dress Finding the perfect thing to wear to a holiday party can be challenging, especially when it means elbowing your way through crowded stores and hauling a stack of options into a packed Read More →

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