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Designer Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve requested flourless chocolate cake and designer jewelry. One of those can be homemade. We’re low-maintenence like that. Cartier, Tiffany and David Yurman just make excellent presents, that’s all. And even better if your Valentine is smart enough to shop estate. Why pay retail for something that was made to last a lifetime anyway? I take the same approach to pre owned Louis Vuitton (also an acceptable gift from any sweetheart.) And if you’d rather go that route, Sell Your Handbag has a great sale of Valentine’s Read More →

TBT: Vintage Eye Candy

So when this blog started, it was the official outpost of Raymond Lee Jewelers. And when RLJ started, we were exclusive sellers of estate jewelry. Over the past thirty two years, that selection has grown to include vintage, antique, and estate jewelry. This includes a portion of our engagement ring selection, like our beautiful antique engagement rings and our vintage pieces. Our in-house-designed engagement rings are new, as are our designer engagement rings. So expanding our engagement ring selection (to the point where we needed to open up an entirely new store!) meant that we focused more and more on Read More →

December Birthstones!

December is here, and lucky December babies have not one, not two, but three beautiful birthstones to choose from. Four if you include blue topaz, which some people do! All are beautiful, wintry blue stones that range from icy to vibrant. Blue zircon, turquoise, topaz and tanzanite are all gorgeous gems with very different vibes. Bright turquoise can range from punchy and preppy to earthy and crunchy, depending on where the stones are from. Tanzanite’s purplish blue depths are regal and eye catching. Zircon and blue topaz recall frozen perfection. They’re all beautiful, icy stones that contrast with the warm Read More →

My Favorite Costume Jewelry Brands

My first accessory love was handbags. I hoarded Coach – the classiest of leather and vinyl goods, friends – as a teenager. I collected them for every birthday and holiday, and saved up all my babysitting money to spend on brightly colored bags with C’s all over them. In college my tastes matured to the more demure all over monogram of Louis Vuitton. In a reflection of my truly unique and one of a kind style, my first Louis was the Speedy 35 that Every Girl On Campus also brought to class (impractical), Happy Hour (why on earth?), and shopping (again, hands Read More →

Spring 2015 Sneak Peak

Better weather and sunny days are right around the corner. Before you pack up the winter boots and pull out the floral dresses, let’s take a sneak peek at the accessories that will make your outfits pop this spring. Get ready to make your wish list; dreaming about these fresh pieces just might get you through the few cold days that are left. Daytime Clutches Not just for cocktail parties and swanky evenings out anymore, clutches are waking up early and coming out to play during the day. Last season was all about big totes and those practical pieces aren’t Read More →

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