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How Much Does This Ring Cost?

As you know, I’m the marketing director for Raymond Lee Jewelers. As you should know, RLJ has a fabulous social team that posts new goodies to our social networks every single day. All the engagement ring eye candy you could want, on the daily! And I’d say 90% of the time, the piece we’re showing off that day on Instagram or Facebook is already listed for sale in the online showroom. So we like to share the link to that exact product, so fans and engagement ring hunters can shop to their heart’s content. We’re always happy to share the Read More →

Heidi Gardner’s Spooky Jewelry Collection

With her wild imagination, Heidi Gardner has a passion for cult classic thriller films like The Exorcist and The Shining, and it shows in her original and creative jewelry. As a young painter, her artwork displayed both life and death with naked skeletal beings and deformed creatures. With her artistic heroes being Otto Dix, Alfred Kubin and Salvador Dali, it’s no wonder she has cornered the market for dark and haunting jewelry designs. Originally a classically trained ballet dancer, Gardner specializes in ghoulish yet gorgeous jewelry creations made of heavy metals. Her pieces can be described as spooky and macabre Read More →

Budget Friendly and Fabulous: Julie Vos Jewelry

Buyers looking to find affordable jewelry will want to take a look at the collection offered though Julie Vos Jewelry. This designer has been committed for some time now to creating affordable pieces that still bear a high quality look to them. The makers through this company have been producing great looking jewelry that still feature an upscale appearance to them. This is perfect for anyone who may want to get the best jewelry for their spouse, but aren’t sure where to look. If you are new to this company or to luxury jewelry designs in general, feel free to Read More →

Erickson Beamon’s Vicki Sarge Designs Her Own Line

Erickson Beamon has long been known as a jewelry brand that creates stunning, one of a kind pieces that are at once innovative and exciting. These pieces are not something to be taken lightly and can instantly steal the show from anyone around. The brands creators, Karen Erickson and Vicki Sarge even claim to have coined the term chandelier earring in the 1980’s. It stands to reason that after 30 years together, the two titans of design would begin to branch out and start solo projects. While there is no news currently of an Erickson solo career, Sarge is debuting Read More →

The Rebirth of Sidney Garber Jewelry

Jewelry has taken a distinct turn toward becoming more natural, mimicking the materials and environments that bore them. Sidney Garber is an innovative designer that is going back to nature with designs that not only mimic the beauty and strength that nature has to offer, but also makes the most of the gorgeous materials from which they are hewn. With rings that are both delicate and strong, modeled after animals and classically cut, and that are stunning no matter what design is chosen. Rings range from materials like gold and silver to pearl, topaz, sapphire, ruby, and more. These rings Read More →

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