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Diamond Shapes by Personality

When it comes to diamond shapes, there may not be many (under a dozen) but the setting is what makes their personality – and yours – shine through. That’s where you can get really custom, really crazy, and really unique. Or Uneek. Whatever floats your boat. A funny thing though – the most popular of the diamond shapes seem to attract specific personalities. It’s fun to guess which ones my friends will pick out when we all wax poetic about diamond shapes over a glass of vino. I can usually peg them, but sometimes they surprise me (and I have Read More →

What’s The Most Expensive Diamond Shape?

What’s your favorite diamond shape? Mine is oval. No wait. It’s radiant. No – oval. Asscher maybe? Ok probably oval let’s stick with oval today. Anyhow, every girl’s got a favorite diamond shape (or two, three tops.) But do you ever wonder how price factors into your fave? What’s the most expensive diamond shape? As usual, with every and any question about engagement ring costs, the answer isn’t really straightforward. It depends on the diamond’s overall makeup – they’re so unique that each stone must be considered individually and evaluated on all of its facets (literally and figuratively) to come up Read More →