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Budget Engagement Rings Under $3000

When it comes to engagement rings, everyone has a budget. Even if that’s a number with so many zeros it looks like binary code. But when you start shopping for budget engagement rings, it’s a different story. Today, I want to show off some gorgeous engagement rings under $3000. While 3k is a lot of money, it’s not always considered a big budget when shopping for engagement rings – some designer settings can cost more than twice that amount. But it shouldn’t be assumed that you can’t get a beautiful ring for that amount of money (which is, to many Read More →

Rock Beats Paper – Shopping for Diamond Certificates vs. Diamonds

Your entire life you’ve been led to believe that paper beats rock. When it comes time to buy an engagement ring, the maxim gets reversed. When a jeweler specifies that a diamond comes with papers, we mean it comes with a certificate – a report card from a third party gem grading lab that essentially states a diamond is what we say it is. It serves as “proof” that the G color grade, VS1 clarity grade diamond in front of you is exactly that. When it comes to the lab issuing the grade, there’s much discussion about GIA (the Gemological Institute Read More →

Best Fall Engagement Rings 2015

November has arrived, and with it the element of surprise, as always. Really, we all know logically what follows after October, but somehow with halloween’s excitement the gravy-express-train to Thanksgiving and the holiday vortex just seems so far off. Until it’s 3 days later and the red cups are at Starbucks and you’re gobsmacked about how you got here. Luckily, the thought of turkey lures you into a calm, appropriately trytophan-esque state of denial that there are approximately 90 seconds left in this entire year. And if the thought of turkey isn’t cutting it, the soothing images of fall’s best Read More →

Princess Cut Engagement Rings Size Guide

The second most popular cut for engagement rings today, by a long shot, is the princess cut. Ladies love those clean lines, crazy sparkly hearts and arrows, and perfectly crisp corners. The princess cut steals many a heart, and our RLJ brides can’t get enough. So when their grooms come to us to start shopping, all they need to do is tell us their budget  so we can find the perfect princess cut for their lovely ladies. Now, you already know I can’t tell you how much a 2 carat diamond costs, but I can show you what one looks Read More →

Halo Engagement Rings I Just Can’t Get Enough Of

Halo engagement rings – they’re not for everyone. But for some brides, they’re the be-all, end-all! And today, I’m focused on them. The allure of the halo isn’t going anywhere, not when they exist to make every diamond look bigger and sparklier. Not when they’re in the corner of many an Insta shot, commanding all attention with serious bling. And not when brands like Verragio, A. Jaffe and Tacori just. keep. making them so delicious. So here are a few of my favorite rings, specifically, those gorgeous halo pieces that have so many women saying “YES!” This princess cut halo Read More →