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It’s Your Story

It’s the beginning. It’s every time you re-wrote the rule book. It’s the uphill climb. It’s the late nights that turned into watching the sunrise. It’s that you once thought only about where you want to go, but now you have someone who makes you care about how you get there. It’s the feeling like you’ve finally met your match. It’s the new and beautiful desire to make someone else happy, that makes you happier than you could ever imagine. It’s refusing to settle for the status quo. It’s the beauty of the unknown, the daring to dream, the deep breath before you Read More →

Insta Wrap Up of my fave Diamonds by Raymond Lee Engagement Rings for JUNE!

You guys June is almost over! We’re looking at July on Friday (and an excellent three day weekend, but that’s another story) which means I’m looking back through rose colored glasses at all my favorite Instagram posts from June. Well, not just mine – yours too. Like Game of Thrones and Chad, I’m having a hard time saying goodbye to this beautiful June. But time and the IG stream waits for no man or lady, so onward we must go. Luckily I’ve got plenty more gorgeous ‘grams up my sleeve for July, but let’s not say ciao just yet to Read More →

Should You Ever Buy an EGL Diamond?

Hi there! If you’re new here, welcome. I’m re-posting a few of my old favorites for the new (and growing) audience here. I’m so happy you clicked over from Insta or Pinterest or Tumblr, and I hope you enjoy an insane amount of engagement ring eye candy and rambling advice about how to score a great deal on them. Well if that’s not a trick question I don’t know what is! Asking “Should you ever buy an EGL Diamond?” Implies several other questions. Is an EGL diamond superior or inferior to other diamonds? Is this because it’s certified? or certified Read More →