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April Birthstone: The Diamond

April’s birthstone is the one and only DIAMOND! Insert all the bow down emojis. This most-revered of all gemstones commands attention every month of the year, but this month it’s all diamond, all day. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with some good, old fashioned, Engagement Ring Eye Candy! Let’s dig in. Oh, Verragio. Shine on you crazy diamonds. This smorgasbord of halos is a fantastic representation of Verragio’s entire line. While each collection might be different, they all come back to the brand’s major design philosophy: an engagement ring should be as beautiful as the Read More →

Spotlight On: Suzanne Felsen

Suzanne Felsen began her career as a jewelry designer far before she ever looked through a loupe. Like many of today’s most preeminent jewelry designers, her work is inspired by travel experience she gained early in life. A Los Angeles native, Felsen traveled to India and Europe with her family, who worked in the arts. It’s no surprise that Suzanne also found herself drawn to creating beauty. SHe was most inspired by the art and architecture of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. Her penchant for picking unusual and beautiful gemstones can be credited to her studies at GIA Read More →

Kathryn Wilson Creates World’s Most Expensive Shoes for Charity

Tales of magical shoes have engaged us through fairy tales for a long time. There were Dorothy’s ruby slippers that could transport her through different dimensions with three clicks of the heels and an incantation about there being no place like home. Cinderella dropped a glass slipper that the fairy godmother had bestowed upon her on her way from a ball. It ultimately led to her becoming the princess of a magical kingdom. Perhaps these tales are what inspired what is called simply the diamond shoes. The shoes were the brainchild of Kathryn Wilson and Sarah Hutchings. Kathryn, a native Read More →

A Celebrity Diamond Summer Showing Off HOT Designs

With the on-set of summer and the typical outdoor activities, more and more celebrities are finding reasons to dress up and wear some brilliant and amazing diamond jewelry. Regardless of the event or for some evening out, the “stars” are out shining brightly. Whether it is tear drop earrings, incredible bracelets or some beautiful necklace, there has been some serious shopping going on for the summer fashion season.   With every reason to look smashing and dashing, Viola Davis has really shown her ability to stay in shape and have an eye for great diamond jewelry. Her white gold and Read More →

Tom Cruise on Diamond Tuesday Spotlight

When you read about celebrities and their luxury jewelry or watches, little mind is given to what the famous star is about off-screen or in real-life situations. In today’s Diamond Tuesday segment, I thought it would be nice to throw in a bit about the person behind the diamond watch or jewelry.   Tom Cruise has been an icon as an actor that will practically guarantee any movie director mega-millions for a film project. This man has been through some very trying times in his life. While we don’t hear a lot about what is truly going on with him Read More →

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