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Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids Jewelry

As a bride to be you have put a lot of time and thought into each aspect of your wedding. The dress, of course, is chosen with the greatest care to detail and style. The flowers have to be just the right shade to match your theme and season. Your music has been chosen to perfectly reflect the special relationship you and your groom share. Even the members of your bridal party have been carefully chosen. The girls you have chosen as your bridesmaids are usually going to be your nearest and dearest friends or female relatives. Of course you Read More →

Web Roundup: I Can’t Even

After a whole week of telling you all kinds of stuff we can’t do, it’s time to balance out all that negativity! Luckily, it’s Memorial Day Weekend(!) and the Internet abounds with stuff so fantastic that I. can’t. even. deal with it’s so great! Slip on your favorite white jeans, fire up the grill, and check out this week’s web round up while you wait for your first burger of the weekend to cook. Speaking of burgers, we finally ordered a grill. It should arrive today and I’d planned on a  strict regimen of grilled meats all weekend. However this Read More →

5 Trendy Wedding Reception Dresses

Once your vows are said, wedding rings exchanged, and dinner is served – it’s time to break it down on the dance floor. And while your cathedral length train or dramatic ballgown looked perfect as you glided down the aisle, it might be a bit cumbersome while you’re celebrating. Why not seize the opportunity to get another dress to change into for the later part of your wedding reception? This way you and your groom can truly appreciate the amazing DJ you guys booked. To sweeten the deal, every dress here is under $100 – check out our favorite little Read More →

Bridesmaids Dresses 2012

The word bridesmaid brings a smile to any women’s face. After all, it is an honor to be appointed as the bride’s right hand and to know that she trusts you enough to let you take care of so many of the responsibilities that a wedding includes. A bridesmaid’s tasks range from planning the sexy and fun bachelorette party to scheduling cake sampling and flower arrangements and can be quite overwhelming. Their real duty is to help keep the bride stress-free. But what can the bride do to prevent that joyful smile etched upon a newly appointed bridesmaid’s lips from Read More →

Cute and Creative Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts – Guest Post by American Bridal

Cute and Creative Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. While your wedding celebrates you and your groom’s love, your bridesmaids help to make sure that the day is as special as you want and work hard to make sure you are as happy as possible during the days leading up to your special moment. Since your bridesmaids play such an important role in your life, you may want to find them cute and unique gifts to thank them for being there for you. Some of the best bridesmaid gifts are Read More →

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