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Engagement Ring Eye Candy: All Over the Map, But The Map is Gooood

Sometimes, darlings, I can’t find a unifying theme for e-ring eye candy. No, this isn’t a segue into another Can’t Week, I just truly don’t know how to classify this week’s batch of goodies. Their only shared characteristic is awesomeness. But you know what? I think that’s just fine. Especially because there’s a ring for every bride (and then some). Brides are wildly different, so by the laws of permutation, engagement rings can too be wildly different. You follow? Am I stretching? Whatever, let’s skip to the good part where we drool over fabulous diamond engagement rings. Ready? Boom! Right Read More →

Emerald Engagement Ring Eye Candy

It’s about that time! The once annual, glorious time when it’s Engagement Ring Eye Candy and I suddenly realize it’s May. And that emeralds are May’s birthstone. And that emeralds are one of my all time favorite additions to an engagement ring! You can add a little emerald to your e-ring in many a fashion. The most obvious is to slap that slab of beryl right in the middle of your setting for an emerald engagement ring. The next option is to add a little sumpin’ sumpin’ by way of smaller emerald accents to your diamond. The third option is, Read More →

May Playlist

Welcome to May! This month I’m jamming out to a variety of tunes, most notably the first contender for Song of the Summer (although it’s still pretty early for that, as long as it’s not the selfie “song” I’ll be a happy camper. And May also brings out one of my all time favorite birth stones, the EMERALD! I love emeralds, so you can expect to see plenty of emerald eye candy this month in honor of all the May babies out there. if you have Spotify you can listen to the playlist here. I’ve also embedded it below the Read More →

Green Gemstones With Envy

Perhaps envy isn’t the most accurate description, more like “covetous.” Because these green gemstones make us want to keep them all forever and ever. There’s something about a green gem – whether it’s emerald, jade, agate, or this month’s birthstone peridot – that is so soothing and simultaneously energizing. Green symbolizes wisdom, wealth, freshness to us. Staring into the center of a Colombian emerald certainly brings us a sense of inner peace, and it’s no coincidence that jade is considered so lucky. With so many green gems in the jewelry repertoire, a verdant jewelry look is easy to suit to Read More →

Sweet! De Grisongo Launches Sugar Watches

Remember the hit song “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies or “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” by The Four Tops? What about “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones? Maybe you remember one of the more than a dozen songs simply entitled “Sugar”? Well the connotation of the sweet powder is moving to luxury watches and it is due to the latest designs by De Grisgono. Swiss watchmaker De Grisogono is about to tempt buyers with a new set of sweet watches. The luxury timepiece maker recently announced its line of Sugar watches. The watches in four “flavors” seem to convey a box Read More →

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