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20 Rose Gold Engagement Rings You’ll Love

Rose gold is one of my favorite engagement ring “trends.” I hesitate to call it a trend, because I dream of a day when all three metal colors (white, yellow and rose) populate the engagement ring pool equally. I do think that day is near, with all of RLJ’s designer lines offering most rings in any of those options, or two-tone color combos of any of them. But it seems like white metals still reign supreme, with the occasional yellow gold or rose gold ring making an appearance in the bevy of “I said Yes!” IG posts I see each weekend. Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Solitaires with Flair

Ain’t no party like a solitaire party cuz a solitaire party don’t stop…ever! That’s right, you can rest assured that purchasing a solitaire ring (a round brilliant, for today’s purposes) will net you one (1) eternally in-fashion engagement ring. Solitaire’s don’t go out of style, they never have, and as long as there are classic brides, the sky exists and James Dean remains sexy, the solitaire engagement ring will live on in elegant, timeless beauty. There’s a reason why round brilliant diamonds command the most per-carat price in the retail setting, regardless of how hot right now a cushion cut Read More →

The Road to Wedded Bliss

Ah, from the moment you slip on your engagement ring until you say ‘I do!’ you travel a (sometimes) long and often winding road. With decisions upon decisions waiting to be made, and plenty of advice both solicited and otherwise being thrown at couples, there can be a lot of stress along the way to the wedding. With weddings as diverse as the couples who have them, no two journeys are exactly alike. However, many major milestones are shared. From selecting a venue, to picking out wedding bands, choosing your flowers, officiant, bridesmaids dresses (and on, and on and on…) Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Round Diamond Rings

There’s a reason the round brilliant is the most popular diamond cut – it’s fabulous. We love round diamond rings, not only because they’re classics, but because they’re so versatile. A round enhances any setting it’s in and can be dropped into virtually any mounting to complete a stunning engagement ring. Bonus points if the diamond in question is GIA certified. A few of today’s sparkling goodies have that distinction, but they all share one trait besides their shape – their beauty! Our first ring is a perfect example of how a round brilliant can anchor an intricate ring without Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Important Diamond Rings

Last week we showed off rocks – diamonds with beautiful color and clarity that command attention. Today we’re taking it the next level with some jaw-dropping important diamond rings. An important diamond is one that has an uncommonly excellent grade for its cut, color, clarity and/or is a rare (large) size. Today, we’ve got 4 important diamonds we can’t stop fawning over. We’ve been stocking up our showcases for Vegas, and our diamond buying binge has us well-suited in the bridal department. Luckily, it’s Wedding Wednesday, giving us the perfect opportunity to show off engagement rings Boca Raton swoons for Read More →

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