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GIA Certificates vs. EGL Certificates

When it comes to diamond shoppping, you’ll hear a lot about the 4 C’s. Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. But there are really 5 C’s you need to know about, and the 5th is Certificate. A diamond’s certificate can play a big part in its price and your piece of mind. Here’s why. What is a diamond certificate? A diamond certificate is a report issued by gemologists from a specific lab. The diamond is evaluated on several factors, including the stone’s measurements, clarity, color, polish, and brilliance, among others. Nearly every diamond, once mined, cut and polished,  gets a Read More →

Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Why You Should Buy an Engagement Ring Online There are so many benefits when you buy an engagement ring online. Competitive prices, wide range of selection, access to unique or hard to find rings, antique and vintage engagement rings are just a few of them. You also have access to information about the rings and diamonds provided in an easy to understand, detailed listing, making it easier to keep track of those 4 C’s. However, with so many options comes a dilemma: how to choose the right online jeweler to purchase your engagement ring We’ve talked before about how to Read More →

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It’s a stunning day here in lovely Chicago, and I’m just full of Fall joy (still) And around the internets plenty of goodness caught my eye, here’s what I was into this week and what I’ll be up to this weekend. I totally fell for tortoise, for the millionth time. And wanted to decorate the entire house in gold. Fell in love with Antfarm photography. Really not sure how I feel about this. GIA is undoubtedly the gold standard, but other grading labs do exist, you can’t ignore that fact. You also can’t ignore the fact that EGL USA Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy – GIA Certified Engagement Rings

When you want nothing but the best in an engagement ring, the first thing you’ll look for isn’t carats. It’s not cut, color, or even clarity – it’s certificate. Of course, all of those other c’s are what combine to make your particular diamond gorgeous, but the gem lab that grades your diamond is extremely important. One lab’s F color might be another’s I – that’s a huge difference in price, if not to the naked eye. Same goes for cut and clarity grades. The most consistent, the most trustworthy, and the most valuable certificate a diamond can earn is Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Newest Engagement Rings Boca Raton

We’ve loaded up our engagement rings Boca Raton selection for our upcoming busy, busy show calendar. We’re making sure that in addition to our usual offerings of vintage engagement rings, antique engagement rings and GIA certified engagement rings we’re keeping our selection new and exciting. And this afternoon, we’re craving excitement; our newest bridal additions certainly satisfy our sweet tooth for diamonds and we can’t stop staring at these gorgeous princess cut engagement rings, plus a gorgeous radiant cut engagement ring and a Simon G engagement ring with rose gold that’s set with a CZ for now, just waiting for Read More →

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