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Your Lambo’s Blue? Check out this Gold Plated Lamborghini

As an individual, have you thought about the value of owning gold Lamborghini car? Nowadays, it isn’t just about getting any car. It’s all about how unique and trendy your style is. Can you be able to stand from the crowd? A gold Lambo goes beyond the trendy factor. It is also the smartest form of investment that has minimal liabilities. One thing about this item is that it can never be out of time and out of place. Items like the gold-plated Lamborghini are some of the lucky few countable whose value and true worth is always guaranteed. In Read More →

Spring Cleaning: Selling Your Old Watches Without Taking a Loss

Come Spring cleaning, if you want to get rid of some old items cluttering up your closet or desk and you’re looking to sell watches Boca Raton may be a few steps ahead of you, but you can still get rid of those old watches without having to lose a lot of money on the deal. Here are a few ideas to sell those old watches without taking a major loss in the process. 1. Market it as “Vintage” You’ve heard of wine and cheese improving with age, right? Why not watches? Insist that the gold on the band tastes Read More →

How the Fiscal Cliff May Affect the Price of Gold

In the days immediately following the 2012 election, the impending potential ‘fiscal cliff’ has been dominating the news with citizens’ concerns about the implications for their daily lives as well as the impacts that it is having on investment markets. What is the fiscal cliff? Beginning in January 2013, there are a number of government spending programs as well as various tax cuts that are set to expire. Congress and the president have thus far been unable to come to an agreement about how to alleviate the problems associated with the impending cliff. Currently, the two catalysts – the spending Read More →

Gold Looking Up

Take heed, gold traders! Gold is looking better as we head into July. The  slight rise we have seen in the metal has given hope to investors and it has thankfully erased the losses for the month of June. This has been the first gain for gold within five months, so there’s definitely something to be said about it. In fact, for the year 2012, gold has dipped twelve percent from the year’s peak of $1,790, which is an eighteen percent decrease from an all-time high reached in September 2011 which reached above $1,920. There is hope for gold today, Read More →

In the Biz: US Demand for Gold Down, Leveling Off

National Jeweler has the full report of the World Gold Council‘s latest findings, but the gist is this: demand for gold jewelry in the United States continues on its decade long decline, but it’s “moderating.” Despite this dismal 10-year slide, the WGC does emphasize that last year’s 9% decrease in the 4th quarter was the smallest since 2005. Beyond that small silver lining, it’s pretty apparent that gold jewelry is not a priority for the vast majority of Americans. With an extremely volatile market (especially when it comes to last year’s gold prices), a depressed housing market, and loads of Read More →

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