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You Can Now Rent Lady Mary’s Downton Abbey Tiara

Borrowing an item for a wedding is a long-held tradition, and now a bride can wear the 45-carat diamond tiara that Lady Mary Crawley of “Downtown Abbey” wore during her marriage ceremony in the beginning of the show’s third season. For approximately $2,000 per day, the antique jewel and engagement ring retailer Bentley & Skinner will lend the Georgian-style headdress that has a floral and garland motif. The $200,000 deposit required may limit the number of women who can actually afford to mimic the appearance of the bride in the PBS drama’s famous marital union. The tiara design complemented the Read More →

Amber Heard Engagement Ring Stunt

Ok, I’ve decided not to let it go. Yesterday I lamented that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s engagement missed the deadline for my <sarcasm> This should end well </sarcasm> post (my attempt at sarcasm font. Brilliant, right?) Well I’m not ready to let it go. And judging by the onslaught of coverage this engagement ring is garnering, that’s exactly what their Amber’s PR team wants. Fine, you win publicists, I’ll take the bait. First of all, Amber Heard is beautiful. She just is. But an A-list actress beauty does not make. Second of all, she must have barely passed Kaley Read More →

Brangelina’s Hong Kong Jewelry Shopping Spree Includes Parmigiani Watch

What happens when you mix a $20 million dollar a year actress, a UN High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador, a tattooed sexy chick with the bee-stung lips, a $30 million actor and the twice running Sexiest Man Alive, with an extravagant Hong Kong vacation in between filming movies in Sydney, Australia and the U.K.? You guessed it, Brangelina’s Hong Kong jewelry shopping spree. The high profile couple of nine years, 49 year old Brad Pitt and 38 year old Angelina Jolie, engaged in 2012 with three biological and three adopted children, but yet to embrace the m— word (marriage), Read More →

Happy Birthday Beyonce

The Virgo sign wouldn’t be complete without its resident diva, Beyonce herself. Today, Bey turns 31 and caps off a year filled with a new album, a new baby, and that Givenchy dress. To be honest, the Golden Globes said it more sweetly and succinctly than we could: “Let’s assume she’s very, very busy — being mom or wife or, on the easy side, bypassing with patience those fairly awarded accolades of Most Gorgeous in the world. So, here goes something real fast and direct: Happy Birthday to you, singer, vocal power, humanitarian (and that includes the way she shares Read More →

The 2012 JCk Jewelers’ Choice Awards Winners

It’s official! 51 fabulous pieces of jewelry, along with their designers, have been crowned the best of the best by their peers in JCK’s annual Jewelers Choice Awards. We first blogged about JCK’s Jewelers’ Choice Awards in December, highlighting some of our favorites in a few categories.     Now that your memory has been refreshed, head over to JCK’s website to see the full list of the winners! While this awards red carpet may not be as star studded as the Oscars‘ or the Golden Globes, you can bet the jewels were just as jaw-dropping. Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, Read More →

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