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Why I Can’t Tell You How Much a 2 Carat Diamond Costs

It’s still Can’t Week, lovely readers. If you don’t know, now you know. And if you still don’t know, I’ll wait here while you catch up with this post, this one, and this one. Ready? Let’s go. Ok, imagine I’m doing like a very deep sexy voice a la late night radio. “This one goes out to all my ladies, all my friends who text me pictures of diamonds and ask how many carats they are, and how much they are. All for you, girl.” End voice. It’s a familiar happening that anyone who works in the jewelry industry can Read More →

“The Most Fabulous High Tea in the World” by Graff at The Ritz

There is a new collaboration that was just recently announced by Hong Kong’s Ritz Carlton and Graff Diamonds entitled “The Most Famous High Tea in the World.” This high tea is named in such a way due to its treasure filled trunk of original jewels and diamonds by Graff Diamonds. The Ritz Carlton’s own Chef Peter Find creates the delicacies served during the high tea itself, where he developed specialties for such an occasion. Such passion and dedication is what brings event like these to life in a way that not only makes it romantic for the guest, but make Read More →

Spotlight on: Graff Diamonds

Graff is a world-renowned house of the most famous diamonds of all time. Many rare and precious diamonds have passed from dealer to collector through Graff Diamonds. The House of Graff Diamonds was founded in the 1960s by Laurence Graff, an English jeweler. Graff’s personal history is a story of fate and destiny. Unlike Jean Schlumberger, his counterpart of half a century earlier, Laurence Graff came from a background of common laborers. The young Laurence dropped out of school at age 15 to work as a janitor. Fortunately for him, he was fired from this job. He then went into Read More →

Drew Barrymore’s Engagement Ring

Along with a slew of other holiday celeb engagements, Drew Barrymore accepted a proposal from art-consultant boyfriend Will Kopelman (the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman). A representative for the couple released this adorable engagement portrait with Drew’s insanely beautiful new engagement ring front and center. The ring is a 4-carat radiant cut D colored diamond solitaire from Graff set in a band studded with more diamonds – Mr. Kopelman certainly has good taste. The couple has been dating since February of last year, after Barrymore’s splits from high-profile exes Fabrizio Moretti (drummer for the Strokes) and Justin Long. Read More →