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Spring 2015 Sneak Peak

Better weather and sunny days are right around the corner. Before you pack up the winter boots and pull out the floral dresses, let’s take a sneak peek at the accessories that will make your outfits pop this spring. Get ready to make your wish list; dreaming about these fresh pieces just might get you through the few cold days that are left. Daytime Clutches Not just for cocktail parties and swanky evenings out anymore, clutches are waking up early and coming out to play during the day. Last season was all about big totes and those practical pieces aren’t Read More →

This Christmas: Inexpensive Designer Watches

The wrist watch is that rare gift that is stunning and impressive, but also a safe bet. Everyone needs more socks, but give someone a pair of socks for Christmas and watch the look of delight fade from their faces. Everyone needs to be able to tell time, and when you give a beautiful watch, their eyes simply light up. Whether you’re buying a gift for your wife or your husband, your friend or your co-worker, your brother, your sister, your mom or your dad, a good wrist watch can really create some happy moments. Here are four of the Read More →

Thirsty Thursday: It’s Handled

Merry Scandalmas! You get a Prada tote! And you get a pair of ecru wide leg pants! And you get a cream-to-dove grey shawl collared overcoat! It’s Thursday, and it’s time for everyone’s favorite morally ambiguous hero to make her triumphant return to prime time television. I’m not even going to get into the premiere of How to Get Away With Murder because I literally can’t, but WHEW tonight is going to be great. To honor The Pastel-Clad One, Mother of Gladiators, I’m sharing what we’re cocktailing (we’re not) what we’re cocktail wearing (minimalist and tasteful but EXPENSIVE) and what we’re Read More →

A Valentine’s Day Wish List (And Gift Guide, I Guess)

While putting together my dream Valentine’s Day wish list, I realized it’s really too good not to share. But share I will, and be extremely jealous of all those who are gifted more than I am from it. Journelle Bardot short pajamas – Silky soft (because they’re silk) and sweet in blush, I’m mildly obsessed with these luxury sleep pieces. Coral Ming Chinoiserie Ginger Jar Print – Because nothing says “I love you” like art in your favorite color. Red Volcano Candle – One of my favorite scents in a jar color I wouldn’t usually choose. Heart Garland – Because Read More →

Spotlight On: Pippa Small Jewelry

Pippa Small is a unique woman with much to offer jewelry lovers the world over. Her jewelry is made from a wide range of precious stones and come in many ethnic styles; however, one constant that you are sure to notice in all her creations is the fact that many of the stones are uncut. Instead, they are exhibited in their natural beauty, giving a woman a natural yet stylish look. Pippa has always taken a great deal of interest in ethnic styles and cultures. She started making her own jewelry as a young teenager and later offered her jewelry Read More →

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