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Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky?

Are halo engagement rings tacky? To answer this question, we first have to revisit  my post on tacky engagement rings in general. Tacky engagement rings encompass a huge swath of engagement ring styles, sizes, and even specifications… There are engagement ring styles for every bride, and for each of those “perfect fits” there are 5 styles that she’d never deign to wear without gagging. So tacky engagement rings are a matter of opinion, obviously. If we can all agree that tackiness is in the eye of the beholder, why do we seem to keep circling back to the question “are halo engagement rings Read More →

Tacori Engagement Rings – Let’s Get Floral for #TacoriTuesday!

Spring has officially sprung! I never understood why people would get so jazzed about spring until these floral Tacori engagement rings changed my mind. Kidding. I never understood spring because I grew up in Florida, land of perpetual 80 degree temperatures. Flowers? Yeah, they’re everywhere. Birds chirping? Those stupid parrots that escaped from the zoo during Andrew wake me up every morning. “Sundress weather?” Uh, what else would I wear? Then I moved to Chicago. Mea Culpa, Northerners. I get it now. And so please, join me in shouting SPRING HAS SPRUNG! But back to #TacoriTuesday. These floral Tacori engagement rings Read More →

Tacori Halo Rings for #TacoriTuesday

Just so we’re all on the same page, you should know that every single time (and I mean every) I type the word halo I get the Beyonce song stuck in my head for a solid hour. I’m not complaining. I just want you to let that sink in, while meditating on the fact that I’m a jewelry marketing director in 2016. Halo might be the 5th most used word in my overall vocabulary. Related: Top 5 Reasons Halo Engagement Rings Rock Anyway, Tacori is quickly becoming the 6th. I love these rings. They are scrumptious. They’re just incredibly well-made, Read More →

Top 10 Uneek Engagement Rings of 2015

Uneek is one of my favorite brands at RLJ. I love their curved style, the style of their micropave, and that their default metal is platinum. I’m also partial to their cooler tones of pink gold – it’s just very different from the rose you see in most other places. These settings also feature 2 carat sized cubic zirconia, so they give you a better idea of what a larger center diamond would look like in the setting. And this year, 10 stood out above the rest. First, this amazing three stone halo that I snapped when Uneek came to Read More →

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