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Top 10 Uneek Engagement Rings of 2015

Uneek is one of my favorite brands at RLJ. I love their curved style, the style of their micropave, and that their default metal is platinum. I’m also partial to their cooler tones of pink gold – it’s just very different from the rose you see in most other places. These settings also feature 2 carat sized cubic zirconia, so they give you a better idea of what a larger center diamond would look like in the setting. And this year, 10 stood out above the rest. First, this amazing three stone halo that I snapped when Uneek came to Read More →

5 Reasons NOT to Get a Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings are, no doubt, the hottest engagement ring trend in recent memory. Brides the world over love their glamorous sparkle, their diamond-magnifying optical illusion, and the modern fairytale edge they bring to any ring. So who wouldn’t want a halo? Well, just like there are near infinite engagement ring styles, there are near infinite brides – with differing tastes to match. And, believe it or not, there is a growing group of women who say no to the halo. Of course, your ring is your own taste (as long as your boyfriend is good at picking up hints) Read More →

Top 5 Reasons Halo Engagement Rings Rock

If you’re a bride – or a hopefully soon to be bride! – scoping out future engagement ring options, there’s one trend that should be at the top of your radar. It’s the hottest style in engagement rings for at least 5 years running now. It makes every diamond look bigger, and it makes most look better. It’s perfect for chic fashionistas and glamorous bling-lovers alike. It stretches your budget and captures your imagination. It is, of course, the halo engagement ring. But what makes halo engagement rings so great? Allow me to explain. 1. The first thing that grabs Read More →

Favorite Square Engagement Rings

Square engagement rings are among my many, many favorites. I love the clean lines, the chic simplicity, the stark corners that these shapes have. I love the juxtaposition of a dazzling brilliant cut contained in a sharply cut cornered radiant. I love the bold symmetry of a princess cut, a look you just can’t find in other shapes. I never tire of an Asscher cut of impeccably clarity that you can just stare into for hours. Square cuts are certainly some of my very favorite diamond engagement rings! And I love that they can be classic, or as edgy, or as Read More →

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