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Perfect Places to Propose…That Match The Engagement Ring!

In the real estate market, it’s all about location, location, LOCATION. In the world of marriage proposals, it’s a vital component as well. Your special woman will never forget where you popped the question, so why not give her something remarkable to look back on? If your soon-to-be fiance is more traditional, you may want to choose a location like the place you first met or where your first date was. However, if you’re looking to truly wow her, these ideas will help. 1. Las Vegas Las Vegas isn’t just about marriage ceremonies. It also has several romantic locations for Read More →

Montegrappa Chaos Reigns

Sylvester Stallone is many things, but subtle and classy aren’t two of them. Bold, brash and over the top are descriptions that better suit the infamous blockbuster film star, who is most famous for his portrayal of an unconquerable boxer and a frenzied soldier in the midst of war. So, it follows suit that any accessories, pen, watch or cufflinks, made for such an ostentatious personality would have to be equally theatrical. Presenting: the Montegrappa Chaos watch. Montegrappa, a pen maker from Italy, created this stunning piece of men’s jewelry. Though garish to the point of ridicule — one critic Read More →

Napoleon Engagement Ring Now Expected to Fetch $20k

Perhaps we were expecting a short sale. Then again maybe we were a little short sighted in our projections. Maybe our extra attention on the auction of Napoleon’s engagement ring brought new attention to it, and increased expectations. Whatever the reason, the anticipated price of Napoleon Bonaparte’s engagement ring to his beloved Josephine has risen from $16,000 to $20,000 in an auction scheduled to take place in Paris on March 24th. It is by most accounts, an ordinary ring but it certainly did the trick as Josephine gave Nap a resounding YES and the two were married within two days. Read More →

Travel Tuesday: Monastero Santa Rosa

 Welcome back to Travel Tuesday! We’re thoroughly infected with the Travel Bug at Raymond Lee Jewelers, and our globe trotting adventures don’t end with all of the jewelry shows we attend. When wanderlust kicks in, and our minds start to drift, here’s a sampling of Where we’ve gone/what we’ll Wear. As soon as we saw the stunning vistas of the Monastero Santa Rosa luxury resort on the Amalfi Coast, we knew where we were headed for Travel Tuesday! With lush, terraced gardens carved into the cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea (not to mention an infinity pool that looks about to Read More →

George Clooney’s Watch in The American: Watch Sell

I was so focused on this scene that I happened to notice the watch that was on Clooney was wearing. With the excellent camera work it was easy to identify that the watch was a Omega Speedmaster Professional with black leather strap most likely model number 3870.50.31.- Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, Fl Read More →

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