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The 2012 JCk Jewelers’ Choice Awards Winners

It’s official! 51 fabulous pieces of jewelry, along with their designers, have been crowned the best of the best by their peers in JCK’s annual Jewelers Choice Awards. We first blogged about JCK’s Jewelers’ Choice Awards in December, highlighting some of our favorites in a few categories.     Now that your memory has been refreshed, head over to JCK’s website to see the full list of the winners! While this awards red carpet may not be as star studded as the Oscars‘ or the Golden Globes, you can bet the jewels were just as jaw-dropping. Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, Read More →

Vote Now for JCK’s Jewelers Choice Awards

JCK has opened the polls for their annual Jewelers’ Choice Awards, and it’s got all of the delicious jewels we’d normally see on the red carpet, without the schmaltzy 4 hour presentation – the best of both worlds. Pages upon pages of gorgeous jewels compete across several categories with varying price ranges. Raymond Lee Jewelers just finished casting our votes, and we compiled the stunning jewelry from each category below – head over to JCK’s page to vote now! Best Bracelet Design Under $2500 Best Bracelet Design, $2501 – $10000 Best Bracelet Design Over $10000 Best Bridal Design Under $2500 Read More →

JCK Magazine: The Business of Blogs featuring Raymond Lee Jewelers

It’s no secret that this blogger loves her job – what could be better than writing about gorgeous jewelry, luxury timepieces, and hot industry trends day in and day out? Well, getting to gush to JCK Magazine about just how much I love it! In this month’s issue, JCK delves into the business side of blogging by interviewing a bevy of talented jewelers who blog and bloggers who drool over jewels. Also included in the article are some other jewelry bloggers, all of whom run top-notch sites with tons of information, tips, and trends. Check out these excerpts from JCK’s Read More →