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Raymond Lee Jewelers: Rothstein Auction

Returning to Raymond Lee Jewelers from the Scott W. Rothstein Gov’t Auction, under the administration of Rick Levin & Associates, Vice President Lee Josephson returned with an incredible Piaget watch. Quoted, ‘Although Josephson won less bids than he hoped, he says there’s a serious lesson here.
“It shows how ridiculous someone is when money is no object. I’m blown away by how many watches Rothstein owned, he has more than most stores have in stock. I hope the people who got burned are reimbursed,” -WPTV
Alexandra E. Gulkin
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Citrus County: Polyvore Style Set

Polyvore Style Set: Citrus County. Lemon. Lime. Vintage Yellow Dress. Flower Print Pencil Skirt, wedge shoes, Betsey Johnson,
Raymond Lee Jewelers
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Scott Rothstein Auction Preview: ‘Rapid Reporting’ Hot off the Auction Block via ‘Raymond Lee Jewelers’

Raymond Lee Jewelers has become an active participant in the Scott W. Rothstein estate auction, taking place on July 13, 2011 at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. And Now… A Raymond Lee Jewelers ‘Rapid Reporting’: Scott W. Rothstein Auction PREVIEW! Raymond Lee Jewelers President, Jeff Josephson, had been contacted by the Sun Sentinel shortly before this initial post, on behalf of Rick Levin & Associates, whose professional brokerage firm has been handling estate auctions for over 20 years. Josephson was contacted by the request of Mr. Levin, who wisely refrained from venturing a guess as to what the estimated value of key pieces of jewelry included in the Scott Rothstein auction block might be.
VP, Lee Josephson, has just arrived back from the preview, and I am about to get the inside scoop, which will soon be reported directly back to you!
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Raymond Lee Jewelers ‘Rapid Reporting’
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Curating Pearltrees: Vintage Jewelry Clustering!

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Vintage Jewelry and Fashion Blogging Galore on Pearltrees! Raymond Lee Jewelers is popping up virtually everywhere.
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Feature Friday: A Chanel Surprise Coming Your Way

The ever so lovely Erin has remained a constant integral role in the Raymond Lee Jewelers family business, armed with an impressive business sense and savvy sophistication. With her keen eye for fashion, and open mind for creative business ventures, Erin has brought a new family division to Raymond Lee Jewelers. Read More →

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