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Part II – Buying Diamonds at a Chain Stores vs. Independent Jewelers

Yesterday, I got heated after reading this great post, then musing on the differences between chain jewelers and independents. The two just can’t be compared. Oh wait, yes they can. And I’m just the person to do it! I’ve popped into my fair share of mall stores and chain stores with girlfriends who wanted to just “get an idea” of what they like (in Chicago, when they can’t just come visit RLJ and pick out exactly what they want.) And every time I’ve been floored by the straight up misleading sales tactics used to push sub par diamonds on young, Read More →

Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Why You Should Buy an Engagement Ring Online There are so many benefits when you buy an engagement ring online. Competitive prices, wide range of selection, access to unique or hard to find rings, antique and vintage engagement rings are just a few of them. You also have access to information about the rings and diamonds provided in an easy to understand, detailed listing, making it easier to keep track of those 4 C’s. However, with so many options comes a dilemma: how to choose the right online jeweler to purchase your engagement ring We’ve talked before about how to Read More →

Social Networking and Jewelry Shopping Make Connections

It has been almost two decades since the Internet has really started taking hold on so many fronts that has literally changed our world. With the advent of technologies designed to create hyper-speed computers for household use, opportunities now exist where online shopping has become more of a normal experience for millions of people across the United States and throughout the world. It’s fascinating to think that not too long ago, making purchases online was a real task and cumbersome to some extent, but those days are essentially over. Sure, there are glitches occasionally, however, the newest of programming has Read More →

Tips for Buying A Preowned Watch – Budget Holiday Shopping Guide

Happy Friday readers! Unfortunately, our weekly web series is having some minor technical details, but I still wanted to provide you with some tips for holiday shopping – specifically buying a pre-owned watch. First, you need to decide whether you’ll be purchasing online or in a traditional brick and mortar store. The benefits of online shopping include convenience and a larger selection. There are some key features to look for in an online watch seller that will help you get the perfect watch this holiday season: Research the seller’s reputation. Read through their feedback, and make sure that it is Read More →

Blue Nile CEO Resigns Company Shifts from Bridal

If you follow us on Twitter, you know that yesterday we tweeted breaking news of Blue Nile CEO Diane Irvine’s resignation – effective Friday. Irvine, who had been with the company since 2006, did not give a reason for her departure, nor did Blue Nile. In her stead, senior vice president and general manager of international, Vijay Talwar will serve as interim CEO. However, when Irvine’s resignation was announced, chairman Mark Vadon announced that he would be taking “a more active role” in the company – beginning with leading the search for Blue Nile’s new CEO. Perhaps Vadon’s increased involvement Read More →

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