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Bachelorette Recap Andi Dorfman: Is This Season’s Word Quest? Or Great Love?

Due to overwhelming demand from all 45 of my followers on Twitter (ok, like 10% of them), The Bachelorette Live Tweeting shall henceforth also get a recap! And because I spent the weekend barely moving from the deck and gorging on encased meats and bbq’ed chicken, I needed a full day to truly do justice to the masterpiece that is The Bachelorette. So, without Further Ado, the Top 10 best moments from last night’s Bachelorette. The Moment you realize Eric is going to make you cry every time he’s on screen.   Sweet, thoughtful, perfect heartbreaking Eric. Eric’s Amazing smile Read More →

Mauboussin Jewelry Dessert: Sweet Enough to Tug at the Heart Strings

Incomparable Beauty for a Steal It’s uncommon when a dessert that costs 15 Euros (roughly $20) is thought to be priced extremely reasonably, almost unfairly low. However, French chefs Mathieu Robillard and Brian Esposito of Le Pinxo at the Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel have created a dessert that is, quite honestly, a masterpiece. The culinary Rembrandt these two world-class chefs created is an unparalleled esthetic achievement, a beautiful pastry made of exquisite ingredients that offer the pallet a luxurious sensation of flavor and the eyes an organic representation of the art that is the L’Oeuvre Noire. Influence and Inspiration While Read More →

The JAR Exhibit at The Met

It is not uncommon for artists of different types to prefer to work in privacy. Tales of reclusive painters and writers abound. However, there are few jewelers renowned for their reclusive lifestyle and intense privacy as that of eccentric jewelry designer Joel Arthur Rosenthal, or better known as JAR. JAR is an amazing example of how humble beginnings can reach unimaginable heights. Joel Rosenthal was born to a hard working middle class family in New York. His father was a postal worker and his mother a biology teacher. Few would have fathomed that such a run of the mill family Read More →

Spotlight on: Aurelie Bidermann Jewelry

When you put on a piece of jewelry, there’s always a bit of fantasy involved. There’ something that connects your appreciation for something striking and attractive that helps you take on a bit of that spirit and incorporate it into your own presence. For most people, it is enough to display jewelry pieces designed by those we admire. But for Aurelie Bidermann, that wasn’t enough. As a child in Paris, she was already drawing inspiration from her grandmother’s jewelry collection. She built on the childlike imagination as she was exposed to more sophisticated inspiration through her travels to Brazil, India, Read More →

What You Should Know About the New Bulgari Diva Collection

Bulgari’s new Diva collection features a number of stunning necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants that are sure to catch the eye and leave one amazed. These amazing jewelry items were first revealed during Paris Haute Couture Week, which lasted from June 30 to July 7, 2013. The event, which was held at Hotel Potocki, was attended by well known entertainers, models, photographers and other celebrities from around the world. Many of these jewelry items were made using a wide range of precious stones together with either white or rose gold. Bulgari’s rose gold necklace and bracelet set features over two Read More →

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