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Pearl Colors to Celebrate June’s Birth Stone

On this lovely last day of June, it’s time to pay one last tribute to this month’s birthstone, the pearl. Pearls come in a huge variety of shades, each with their own distinct vibe. A pink pearl bracelet is a different creature entirely from a black, south sea pearl choker. And each color of pearl has its own story to tell. So when you picture your ideal pearl, just know you’re not limited to the Southern debutante’s trusted white pearl necklace. Pearls are some of the classiest pieces of jewelry in a woman’s wardrobe. While we know that most pearls Read More →

A Pearl is a Pearl: Cultured Pearls vs Natural Pearls

Pearls – this month’s birth stone – have long been revered for their simple and luminous allure. Nicknamed the “Queen of Gems,” these unblemished beauties were treasured in early history as near-priceless; in fact, for many years, pearls were the the world’s most expensive jewels. The ancients even believed they had magical powers. While pearls today have lessened in value compared to other gems, their luminous loveliness remains widely admired. When considering a purchase of pearl jewelry, some shoppers are confused by the variety of types available, particularly regarding natural and cultured pearls. The only significant difference between the two? Read More →

Top 10 Jewelry Trends for 2014

Wondering what 2014 has in store in the world of jewelry? You might be surprised at the latest trends that may hit the fashion scene in 2014. At the Bijoux, Bijoux runway in Milan, Italy, we’ve seen a number of interesting trends, according to Harper’s Bazaar. We’ve also seen some interesting trends at the New York Fashion Week for 2014. 1. Go for the Gold (Chain, that is). Heavy chains in all manner of metals, colors, and styles grace the models at the Bijoux, Bijoux. The heavier the chain, the better. Whether you’re into quasi-bondage with lock and chains, or Read More →

A $1 Million Diamond and Pearl Swimsuit? Why Not!

Remember when you read about a celebrity gifting her spouse a five million dollar watch and thought it was excessive? Australia’s designer Ann Middleton has knocked excessive out of the park with her new swimsuit design. Studded with diamonds and South Sea pearls, the cost of such an extravagant splash in the pool is just under one million dollars. No article has revealed if one size fits all. The million dollar swim wear was designed by Ann Middleton for the Sunseeker label and launched at the Queensland, Australia Gold Coast Swim Fashion Festival held in November, 2013 at the Surfers’ Read More →

Diamonds and Pearls

By far the most famous elements of jewelry design, diamonds and pearls cement the staples in many a woman’s jewelry wardrobe. But what is the best way to protect these highly coveted jewels? Step one, of course, is getting a professional, written jewelry appraisal from a graduate gemologist. Step 2: apply common sense – keep your jewelry in a safe place at all times, have a set place to put your rings or earrings when you are doing something like showering or washing dishes. When traveling, wear as much as possible and keep your jewelry on your person or in Read More →

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