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6 Rules For Proposing and Why They Are Stupid

6 rules for proposing. What a concept. It developed, as all unrealistic demands related to weddings do, on Pinterest. This was before Pinterest’s algorithm change made it as personalized and non-commercialized as Facebook. Those halcyon days of your home feed filled only with pins from people you actually followed. The good old days. And once upon a time, in one lowly jewelry blogger’s home feed, was a grainy pin with a picture of a pretty engagement ring. In bold, typewriter font, a series of edicts declared to all the Millennial world the 6 Rules For Proposing.   THAT BLOGGER WAS Read More →

Are You Getting Catfished by Fake Engagement Rings?

GUYS GUYS GUYS! I’m still fuh-reak-ing out. Raymond Lee Jewelers has the most re-pinned engagement ring on Pinterest. I was just minding my own business, happily pinning 20 engagement rings under $2000, when my e-mail, Twitter notifications,and google alerts started exploding. Why? This beauty is popping up all over. So far: Hello Giggles Elle Yahoo The Daily Mail Who What Wear InStyle Grazia Have all swooned over the amazing #RingSelfie our E-commerce director snapped one day, in between running our awesome online showroom (she’s multi-talented.) And nope, I can’t blame them or the 60,000+ Pinners who love it. So expect Read More →

Thirsty Thursday: Party Like a Pineapple

It’s almost Friday, but let’s start the weekend a little early, shall we? A time change and Halloween recovery does tend to throw one out of whack, and nothing can remedy that like bright colors, big gems, and a jigger of rum (or two.) It’s November, so around the country things are cooling off. In South Florida, this is when things just start to heat up. “Season” is upon us, and in flock our annual snowbirds; friends from up North we haven’t seen since they fled the mugginess in May, ready to celebrate the holiday season with the flair that Read More →

Why You Shouldn’t Do a First Look

If you had a first look (like I did!) please don’t take offense to this post. Just my $.02 Please enjoy, and remember: this is an opinion piece of a nobody blogger and not the advice of a medical professional.  I can’t believe I just typed that headline. It feels like some place somewhere has frozen over, but really, it’s the truth. I’m here to tell you you shouldn’t do a first look on your wedding day. Now, before we begin, a few disclaimers: If you had a first look, and loved it, please do not take offense. I had a first Read More →

4 Cute Ways To Announce Your Engagement

“WE’RE ENGAGED!!!” It’s the text/snapchat/Facebook post everyone hopes to receive from their long-term relationship-bound bestie. But what if you’re the bestie? What if it’s your sparkly new ring on that very important finger? Chances are you’ve had a secret Pinterest board for quite some time now (no shade, just jealousy. I had to preemptively-pin in public like some sort of animal.) Chances are you have a pretty definitive seasonally-dependent line up of possible color schemes. Chances are you know damn well which flowers are verboten from all arrangements. What I’m saying is, you’ve already started to put some thought into your Read More →

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