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A Celebrity Diamond Summer Showing Off HOT Designs

With the on-set of summer and the typical outdoor activities, more and more celebrities are finding reasons to dress up and wear some brilliant and amazing diamond jewelry. Regardless of the event or for some evening out, the “stars” are out shining brightly. Whether it is tear drop earrings, incredible bracelets or some beautiful necklace, there has been some serious shopping going on for the summer fashion season.   With every reason to look smashing and dashing, Viola Davis has really shown her ability to stay in shape and have an eye for great diamond jewelry. Her white gold and Read More →

Top Ten Diamonds in the World

Diamonds have fascinated mankind for centuries. Their sheer beauty and elegance brought out by the master craftsman of the time. The most expensive diamonds ever known have been on display around the world, but you get to see them all right here. The ten most expensive diamonds of all time are right before your eyes. Number 10 The Allnet Diamond worth $3 million This was named after Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt and weighs 101.29 carats. It is a cushion cut and rated as a fancy yellow diamond.   Number 9 The Moussaieff Red Diamond This 5.11 carat diamond has been Read More →

Johnny Depp Portrays Tonto in Upcoming “Lone Ranger” Film

Johnny Depp has proven that he is more than just funny in movies, serious on set, and an absolute genius in his choice of roles. He has shown the world that he is human and not afraid to put himself in situations where he really has to stretch in his acting. Portrayals of so many diverse characters has actually given him an edge. He can do voice-over for cartoon characters, as in “Rango“, or he can change is appearance  to the extent that he gives the impression the role was actually his life. Talent such as what Johnny Depp possesses Read More →

Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II and Diamond Display

From June 2 through June 5, 2012, one of the most celebrated events of the year will take place in England at various locations. What promises to be an amazing display of royalty, the single most impressive display will be that of the diamond collection. This is no ordinary collection of the largest and most prized diamonds in the world, bar none! There is a diamond discovered in the early 1900’s that was originally thought to be a worthless crystal by its founders. So convinced that the huge 3,000 carat Cullinan Diamond was a pure waste, the manager of the Read More →

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