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Timepiece Thursday: You Won’t Believe These Are Watches!

In the world of watchmaking, unusual is not a common term. However, for 2012 Baselworld, this would be a fair statement – “Is that really a watch?” To show what is meant by this, take a gander at some of the most unusual watch designs you will soon see all over the world. It is probably safe to say that you have never seen anything like this before, and that is what makes these illustrations so appealing. When you hear the name Harry Winston, you can count on a real treat when it comes to new and innovative timepiece designs. Read More →

Timepiece Thursday: Breitling Watchmaker Sponsors “Jetman”

In our special edition of Timepiece Thursday, this week will be about how Breitling has sponsored a new project that tests the tenacity and commitment of one man to beat the odds. His name is Yves Rossy, more popularly known as “Jetman”. The reason for this nickname is a story all its own, and that is where we are going this week. In early May, 2012, he took to the skies over Rio De Janeiro by falling out of a helicopter with a set of wings and four, that’s right, four turbine engines. These miniature jet engines packed a punch Read More →

Timepiece Thursday: The “Looks” of Luxury Watches

This Timepiece Thursday, let’s gander at some watches just for their looks and not for the brand or some incredible new function or complication. It’s a change of pace and can give us some real eye candy from the timepiece genre. Nuvall has come out with a model called METAL. CH that has a very appealing color combination. The straps on both model types match the face with rose gold mixed with white or a gorgeous blue. The Nuval luxury watchmakers really caught a winner with this model. New to the market is a graphic designer’s dream come true. The Read More →

President Obama, George Clooney and Jack Black Celebrity Watches

In this week’s Timepiece Thursday, let’s take a look at some celebrities and what luxury watch they have been wearing. There is a twist, a puzzle for you to try and solve. Jack Black has come back to the big screen in “Bernie”. This comedy that features Matthew McConaughey and Shirley Maclaine who both add their comedic skills to the show. During the movie, Jack Black wears an unidentified black and gold watch. As a teaser for you, here is a puzzle to try and help the celebrity watch monitors solve. Leave us a comment if you figure it out! With Read More →

Will Smith and Christian Bale Wear Timepieces in Summer Movies

The summer blockbuster movie extravaganza is now upon us, and it is going to be a wild ride. Summer 2012 gives every indication that Will Smith in “Men In Black 3”, and Christian Bale in “The Dark Knight Rises” are two actors that will light up the big screen. As is the case with most actors and actresses, there is often fashion involved in each movie portrayal. Whether its jewelry or watches, there will be some accessory to tease the audience with. Take Will Smith in the MIB 3 movie, he will be adorned with a Hamilton Ventura that has Read More →

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