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Wedding Wednesday: Oval Engagement Rings

We hope you’re enjoying this special Leap Year edition of Wedding Wednesday, readers. And, since we’ve given you some gorgeous designer wedding bands for men to check out this morning, we figured the afternoon should share the spotlight with the ladies. Today’s engagement rings are some of our favorite oval cut diamonds from our Boca Raton showroom. We love oval diamonds because they share the traditional connotations of their round brilliant cousins, but do so with an elegant twist. To us they seem more antique, and their added surface area provides the pleasing illusion of a diamond with more carats. Read More →

Playboy Boss Hugh Hefner Proposed to His Girlfriend Crystal Harris: Raymond Lee Jewelers

There’s big news in the Playboy Mansion! Hugh Hefner, 84, proposed to Crystal Harris, 24, on Christmas Eve 2010. While they were opening presents in the Mansion, Hefner had her open a Little Mermaid music box, where there was a ring. Instead of the words “will you marry me?” he asked if the ring fits. Crystal already knew this was going to happen, because they’ve talked about marriage. She also helped his secretary pick out her ring. The ring is a round diamond, a little more than 3-carats and it’s on a platinum setting, which diamonds go all the way around the band. Both Read More →

Hollywood Agent Jim Toth Proposed to Actress Reese Witherspoon: Raymond Lee Jewelers

Hollywood’s agent, Jim Toth, asked Reese Witherspoon to marry him. The ring he proposed to her with is a 4-carat Ashoka diamond which is set on a pave diamond and platinum band. Jim worked with the Goldberg Diamond Corporation to design this beautiful ring. He wanted the ring to be unique. If you are looking to buy an engagement ring for your special someone, you should visit Raymond Lee Jewelers. They have the best deals in town! By: Jaimee at Raymond Lee Jewelers [tweetmeme source=”Florida_jewelry” only_single=false]