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4 Cute Ways To Announce Your Engagement

“WE’RE ENGAGED!!!” It’s the text/snapchat/Facebook post everyone hopes to receive from their long-term relationship-bound bestie. But what if you’re the bestie? What if it’s your sparkly new ring on that very important finger? Chances are you’ve had a secret Pinterest board for quite some time now (no shade, just jealousy. I had to preemptively-pin in public like some sort of animal.) Chances are you have a pretty definitive seasonally-dependent line up of possible color schemes. Chances are you know damn well which flowers are verboten from all arrangements. What I’m saying is, you’ve already started to put some thought into your Read More →

Why You Can’t DIY Your Wedding Flowers

And your food, and your photography, and your this that and the other. Please notice that I said and – not that you can’t diy your wedding flowers or your food or your photography. No, today’s edition of Can’t Week is appropriately themed for Wedding Wednesday and will hopefully serve as a fabulous wedding planning tip. Just like my reasoning why you can’t have a first look and why you just can’t wear cheap wedding shoes. Time for a wake up call: you can’t DIY your wedding flowers. If you are a professional florist, then congratulations, you probably can do your Read More →

The New Something Blue: 5 Creative Ideas For Your Wedding

Traditions remain steadfast year after year. Brides still love incorporating the old adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” into their wedding day plans. But, just because you love tradition doesn’t mean you can’t modernize it a bit! Here are a few creative ways to include the “something blue” into your magical moment. Shoes No more do brides have to wear matchy matchy heels that are as snow white as their perfect princess ball gowns. These days, ladies are mixing it up and choosing brightly colored accessories to punch up the look of their ensembles. This is a Read More →

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

We love perusing gorgeous weddings on Wedding Wednesday. And while each wedding we love is innately unique, from the bride’s engagement ring style right down to the aisle runner, they all have one thing in common – amazing photos. So when you’re faced with selecting the vendor in charge of one of the only permanent remainders of your wedding day, where do you start? There’s a lot of pressure to choose the right photographer, and considering most couples aren’t photography experts, it can feel overwhelming. So when we found this great infographic on how to choose a wedding photographer, we Read More →

5 Creative Fall Wedding Ideas

Wedding are perfect any time of the year. Brides who are looking to wed in the fall can create their own unique fall design. The colors associated with fall are earth tone colors such as brown, beige, and orange. However, if you want your wedding to be upscale think metallic colors combines with basic fall blends – these are a few creative fall wedding ideas. Metallic gold with silver accents and berry red. Sprinkled with gray, emerald green, champagne, purple and magenta. Ivory wedding are great with a dash of black. These colors are great for the sophisticated formal style Read More →

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