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Wedding Ring Eye Candy: Cartier Wedding Rings

A classic diamond wedding band or a simple gold band is always a thing of beauty. But when you take designer pedigree into account, we’re talking a whole new ball game. Such is the case with Cartier. Cartier wedding rings are at once bold, but refined. They’re modern, but classic. They stand out from the typical, but still leave no doubt as to what they symbolize. And with the Cartier name comes the Cartier promise of excellence, a centuries old tradition of creating some of the most beautiful jewelry on earth. Of course, it also means a Cartier price tag Read More →

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Eye Candy

Today’s engagement ring eye candy satisfies our cravings for elliptical bling. The marquise diamond is a stunning fancy shape with a brilliant cut. The lengthy shape draws the eye up and back, creating more surface area and the illusion of a bigger diamond. We love the graceful shape of a marquise cut stone, especially when it’s accented by beautifully tapered baguettes, diamond pave, and bright rubies. Related articles End of the World Jewels Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Engagement Rings Boca Raton

Baguette Engagement Ring Eye Candy

In case your sweet tooth isn’t satisfied by those mini Reeses you’ve been picking at from the Trick or Treat bowl, you’re in luck. We’re ready to indulge in our sweet favorites later, but for now we’re craving a different kind of rock candy. Today’s engagement rings all feature gorgeous baguettes. Whether they’re tapered or perfectly even, they’re horizontally set to accent these marvelous center stones. Dig in to our baguette engagement ring eye candy! Related articles Engagement Ring Eye Candy: New in the Shop Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Gemstone Engagement Rings Finding a Wedding Band to Complement Your Engagement Read More →

Designer Rings for Men – Masculine Monday Guest Post

Designer Rings   If you don’t have any designer labels in your wardrobe or trinket box, it may be safe to say you are a small town guy at heart. Of course, one of the rites of passage to any city life is having that first designer outfit, label suite or designer piece of jewelry that gives you the perfect edge over rest of the crowd at a party. It is true that not many of us can afford an extravagant couture by a designer, but what about a small piece of jewelry? And it doesn’t even have to be Read More →

David Yurman Collection: Raymond Lee Jewelers

David Yurman Inc. is a privately owned high-end American designer. It’s a jewelry company founded by David Yurman. There are 18 specific David Yurman boutiques across 10 states and 4 boutiques across three international cities as of mid-2009. The first David Yurman international store was opened in Hong Kong. David Yurman is not only Jewelry, but now he has a fragrance, too. In 1982, Yurman introduced his signature bracelet. It’s known as the cable bracelet which has a twisted helix decorated with gemstones on the ends. If you are interested in buying David Yurman jewelry at a great price, stop by Raymond Lee Jewelers. Read More →

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