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Blackout: Black Watches

Last week we were fixated on pure white watches, but this week we’re all about sultry, sophisticated black. A black watch, or one with a black dial, oozes luxury. When you add a black dial to a Rolex Submariner, it’s an instant update to masculine luxe. A midnight black Montblanc is rich with pops of gold, and a diamond studded Royal Oak takes black to the next level – and we’re just getting started. Check out our favorite black watches below.

Spotlight on: the Rolex Submariner

The world saw the first Rolex Submariner in 1954 at the Swiss Watch Fair. Aptly named, the classic watch was made for divers and featured great water resistance. Rolex began production of the Submariner in 1953 as part of the Oyster Perpetual line. Two models with reference numbers one digit apart were produced that were virtually identical. These early Submariners had straight pencil style hands rather than the “Mercedes” or “cathedral hands of later models. Some of the first early models produced have the logo blackened out, while the logo can be found below the center pinion on others. This Read More →

Rolex Submariners – The Watch for an Attractive Man

Rolex Submariners – The Watch for an Attractive Man While the average woman’s jewelry must-have is a diamond ring, the average man’s must-have is a watch. But not really just any watch, a Rolex Submariner. However, Rolex’s don’t come cheap, and they tend to be the watch that identifies with a wealthy man. First invented in 1954, the Rolex Submariner has had a total of 28 models designed, with only eight of them current models available for purchasing. This luxury watch is constantly being redesigned with new features and capabilities to suit a variety of men with different tastes. Check Read More →

Timepiece Thursday: The “Looks” of Luxury Watches

This Timepiece Thursday, let’s gander at some watches just for their looks and not for the brand or some incredible new function or complication. It’s a change of pace and can give us some real eye candy from the timepiece genre. Nuvall has come out with a model called METAL. CH that has a very appealing color combination. The straps on both model types match the face with rose gold mixed with white or a gorgeous blue. The Nuval luxury watchmakers really caught a winner with this model. New to the market is a graphic designer’s dream come true. The Read More →

Rolex Watches, Timeless Luxury for Every Occasion

Rolex Makes A Watch For Every Occasion There could be a hundred blogs written about the various Rolex watches that exist and how there truly is one for just about every occaision. However, all of this is based on perception of the most important factor in the equation… YOU! Your style! Your taste! Seeing is believing. Wearing… well, wearing alone will tell you which Rolex is right for you. How Long Have Rolex Watches Been Around For over 107 years, Rolex has been making its mark on the watchmaking scene with very impressive designs and functions. Complications are the guide to Read More →

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