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Round Brilliant Cut: Jewelry Terminology

In jewelry terminology a round brilliant diamond cut stone has multiple facets that give the stone maximum brilliance.  A round brilliant cut looks somewhat like a geometric cone. The first round brilliant cut was invented by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. Before the RB, there wasn’t a standard cut for round diamonds. Most were a mashup of rose cut, Old European or full cut diamond properties, and each cutter had his own particular style of slicing. When Tolkowsky published his thesis “RESEARCH ON THE ABRADING, GRINDING OR POLISHING OF DIAMOND,” he applied then-cutting-edge (lol) technology with his genetically inherited expertise. He Read More →

Wedding Wednesday: Oval Engagement Rings

We hope you’re enjoying this special Leap Year edition of Wedding Wednesday, readers. And, since we’ve given you some gorgeous designer wedding bands for men to check out this morning, we figured the afternoon should share the spotlight with the ladies. Today’s engagement rings are some of our favorite oval cut diamonds from our Boca Raton showroom. We love oval diamonds because they share the traditional connotations of their round brilliant cousins, but do so with an elegant twist. To us they seem more antique, and their added surface area provides the pleasing illusion of a diamond with more carats. Read More →