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Sell Gold – How to Get the Most Money for Your Gold

Selling or trading your gold and gold jewelry is an option to earn extra income, liquidate assets, or simply earn cash for jewelry you don’t wear anymore. With the state of the economy, we buy more gold in our Boca Raton showroom than ever before. Our customers are usually wary of getting too-low offers or being outright scammed, and we like to reassure them. Raymond Lee Jewelers’ name is trusted in the South Florida community; we’ve been in business for nearly 30 years, and we always want our customers to be satisfied with their transactions. We firmly believe that the Read More →

Taco Bell Offers Gold instead of Cash Prize

Tip of the hat to our friends over at Lear Capital for shedding some light on a sweepstakes at the popular fast food chain with an interesting new twist. Rather than offering federal reserve notes (cash) for the prize of its “Get a Meal Deal” sweeps, Taco Bell offered the winner (soon to be announced, as the promotion ended yesterday) “up to $1000 in real gold.” As Lear Capital points out, by way of The Silver Doctors, this is a huge departure for the world of sweepstakes. As Silver Doctors put it “This represents a huge paradigm shift!” Essentially, Taco Read More →