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The White Whale of Flawless Diamonds

Ahab’s Got Nothing On Harry On March 15, 2013, the largest, perfectly-colored, flawless white diamond ever to reach the open market was presented by Christie’s at a Geneva auction. Prior to the auction, it was generally believed the diamond would sell for around $20 million (1). The assumption was based on the fact that the diamond of conversation is twice the size of another that sold for $9 million a few months earlier. That diamond was a mere 50 carats. As the dust settled, Harry Winston Inc. was the last buyer standing. In the boldest move the corporation has made Read More →

Auction Action: Magnificent Jewels

Considering that our discerning estate jewelry customers love a good auction, we decided to keep everyone abreast of the best luxury auctions happening at the major auction houses each week. While scouring eBay and 1st Dibs for the next great find is always a fun pastime, nothing beats the thrill of the fine auction (nor the spoils!) Check them out below. This week’s auction block is even more exciting than last week’s jewelry and watch bonanza. Of course, this is thanks in large part to the most fabulous auctions on American soil – Christie’s and Sotheby’s annual spring Magnificent Jewels Read More →

Sotheby’s, Pink and Blue Diamonds Set Records

There is always something exciting going on in the world of diamonds and jewelry. Take for instance, within the past week two diamonds, one blue and the other pink, exceeded expectations when it came time for auction. Christie’s made the announcement that the Clark Pink Diamond fetched a record 15.7 million dollars being purchased by Brett Stettner. When later asked about the enormous price tag, he calmly stated that he was actually prepared to pay even a more precious sum of money. To top that little snippet, Mr. Stettner was not finished with making other purchases for rare and beautiful Read More →