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Tacori Engagement Rings For The Summer

Summer time, summer time, summer time! If you don’t have that Matt Nathanson song on every BBQ playlist in your Spotify account, please go rectify your situation immediately. Then come back for some Tacori engagement rings with enough ice to cool you off. Tacori engagement rings just scream summer – especially in rose gold and yellow gold. They’re perfect for showing off at all of the 8,000 weddings on your iCal this summer. They’ll star in all your vacay Insta paps. They’ll inspire envy among every woman in the (too) crowded rooftop bars, glittering in the sunset like ice cubes Read More →

Tacori Gold Engagement Rings for #TacoriTuesday

Welcome back to another round of #TacoriTuesday! This week it’s all about Tacori Gold engagement rings, baby. I try to space these out, because even though I could talk about Tacori engagement rings every single Tuesday, I’m not sure if you’re into it. If you are, please let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to put them on a weekly rotation. Anyway, today I want to show you guys some of the most mouthwatering gold engagement rings. Yellow gold has made a major comeback, skyrocketing to popularity in the last 5 years alone. Its rising star is still Read More →