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Vintage Engagement Rings: What You Need to Know

Time to get the skinny on vintage engagement rings. Vintage is hot – you don’t need to look further than the acid wash, high waisted jorts, crop tops, Doc Martens and chokers on trendy undergrads to find evidence. And just try not to think too hard about the next decade of fashion that will resurge after this one (we can’t go back to early 2000’s fashion! We won’t! But it’s already too late.) It does seem like fashion is on a 20 year cycle sometimes, with vintage inspiration popping up every few decades with a new twist. And when it comes to Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy – GIA Certified Engagement Rings

When you want nothing but the best in an engagement ring, the first thing you’ll look for isn’t carats. It’s not cut, color, or even clarity – it’s certificate. Of course, all of those other c’s are what combine to make your particular diamond gorgeous, but the gem lab that grades your diamond is extremely important. One lab’s F color might be another’s I – that’s a huge difference in price, if not to the naked eye. Same goes for cut and clarity grades. The most consistent, the most trustworthy, and the most valuable certificate a diamond can earn is Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Picture Frame Engagement Rings

We’re still swooning over all the new engagement rings we got in to our Boca jewelry store last week. With vintage details and beautiful EGL certified diamond center stones, it’s no wonder we can’t get enough. One setting that we’re particularly attracted to is the picture frame setting. Similar to a halo style engagement ring, the picture frame setting features a beautiful surround of pave, channel set or micropave diamonds on the center stone. Plus, the picture frame setting gives you the best of both worlds: if you love the look of a square setting, but fall in love with Read More →