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Diamond Cut Defined – The 4 C’s Explained Web Series

Diamond Cut Defined This month is Diamond Month at Raymond Lee Jewelers. We’ll be discussing, dissecting and generally celebrating April’s birthstone with plenty of diamond features, our diamond web series, and our Fanpage Diamond Giveaway. This month’s web series will focus intently on diamond characteristics, those famous four C’s. Each week, we’ll share an in depth video discussing Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat and how these factors are determined, and how they affect the price of a diamond. This week, we’re discussing Diamond Cut Defined.   Click on the image above to watch this video! Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, Read More →

The Basic Parts of a A Watch – Weekly Web Series

We’re back this week with another installment of our web series. We love discussing and dissecting watches here at Raymond Lee Jewelers’ Boca Raton watch center, and we figured that a basic breakdown of watch parts would be helpful. The parts outlined below are the simple aspects that nearly every timepiece shares. Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers South Florida’s choice for buying and selling luxury watches, preowned watches, and watch repair. Related articles How to Sell a Rolex – Web Series(raymondleejewelersblog.com) Vintage Watches at Raymond Lee Jewelers – Web Series(raymondleejewelersblog.com) How To Sell Your Watch – Get the Most Money Read More →

Weekly Web Series – It’s Show Time!

Today we’re here with a special edition of our Weekly Web Series. As you know from our morning post, today kicks off the 51st annual Miami Beach Antique Show, and we couldn’t be more excited, as it also kicks off Raymond lee Jewelers’ month-long show tour around the globe! Today’s video highlights some of the stunning pieces we’ve brought with us – but you’ll need to move fast! Other exhibitors and attendees alike are eager to snap up the best of the best at these world class shows, so not only is our jewelry quickly moving to loving new owners, Read More →

Top Gold Stories of 2011

This year gold was the subject of many a headline, what with it’s wild ride up and down the price charts. Gold hit record highs this year before it’s recent dip back down to normal to below average prices, so what were our readers most interested in? 1. What Does the High Price of Gold Mean? Readers wanted to know 2. Gold is $1220 per ounceToday! How Much Is My Gold Worth? Even before gold hit its high point this year just north of $1900 per ounce, readers wanted to calculate their gold’s worth 3. How Are Gold Prices Determined? Read More →

Masculine Monday: Spotlight on Valet

I’m reading this fantastic watch guide over lunch today, on one of our favorite men’s fashion experts’ sites. Valet is the source for classic, sophisticated trends in men’s fashion, and their app, available here, is one of my favorites. Their guide for buying the watches every man should own is spot-on, and a great precurser to our web series this week on how to buy pre-owned watches this holiday season. Click on the screen shot below, or click here to read the guide. Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, your source for luxury timepieces and preowned luxury watches.

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