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Why You Shouldn’t Do a First Look

If you had a first look (like I did!) please don’t take offense to this post. Just my $.02 Please enjoy, and remember: this is an opinion piece of a nobody blogger and not the advice of a medical professional.  I can’t believe I just typed that headline. It feels like some place somewhere has frozen over, but really, it’s the truth. I’m here to tell you you shouldn’t do a first look on your wedding day. Now, before we begin, a few disclaimers: If you had a first look, and loved it, please do not take offense. I had a first Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Around Brilliant the Bend

Cheesy pun? Check. Wearing pink? Check. It must be Wednesday! And on Wednesdays, do we not only wear pink, we celebrate engagement ring eye candy – luckily, RLJ just got in a nice new batch of fabbity fab round brilliant diamond engagement rings. They’re as varied in style as they are in price point, which is always good for the world’s most popular diamond cut. Round brilliant girls might be classic, but that doesn’t men they’re all traditionalists, or even that they all want a solitaire. Some ladies just like more diamonds, and that’s a trait I’ll never fault anyone Read More →

Duchess Kate Steps Out in The Nizam of Hyderabad Diamonds

You guys you guys you guys. I know it’s Wedding Wednesday and thus you are owed a slew of sparkle, and I promise to deliver on the official RLJ blog. HOWEVER, we are stopping the (word)presses because PRINCESS KATE. The duchess stepped out in the same kind of bling I like to borrow for casual cocktail parties, and thus, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and I, are one. Rumors have been swirling that Kate’s Australian tour would be different, by order of the Queen. Longer hemlines were on the menu, along with more tiaras (yes) and more of the royal jewels Read More →

Engagement Ring Eye Candy: Important Diamond Rings

Last week we showed off rocks – diamonds with beautiful color and clarity that command attention. Today we’re taking it the next level with some jaw-dropping important diamond rings. An important diamond is one that has an uncommonly excellent grade for its cut, color, clarity and/or is a rare (large) size. Today, we’ve got 4 important diamonds we can’t stop fawning over. We’ve been stocking up our showcases for Vegas, and our diamond buying binge has us well-suited in the bridal department. Luckily, it’s Wedding Wednesday, giving us the perfect opportunity to show off engagement rings Boca Raton swoons for Read More →

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

We love perusing gorgeous weddings on Wedding Wednesday. And while each wedding we love is innately unique, from the bride’s engagement ring style right down to the aisle runner, they all have one thing in common – amazing photos. So when you’re faced with selecting the vendor in charge of one of the only permanent remainders of your wedding day, where do you start? There’s a lot of pressure to choose the right photographer, and considering most couples aren’t photography experts, it can feel overwhelming. So when we found this great infographic on how to choose a wedding photographer, we Read More →

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