/Tsavorite: January’s Under Cover Birthstone

Tsavorite: January’s Under Cover Birthstone

Birthstones make popular pieces of jewelry for gifts, especially to commemorate birthdays. Earrings, necklaces, rings and cufflinks are often set with the 12 different birthstones.

Birthstones were chosen to represent personality characteristics associated with the months of each month year based on the Gregorian calendar. January’s birthstone is the garnet. A garnet symbolizes endurance, patience and creativity.

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The garnet traditionally associated with January is a deep red with an almost blackish hue. However, January-born folks who prefer a rich emerald-like green stone will be glad to know about tsavorite.

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Tsavorite is the January ‘ under-cover’ birthstone. This green garnet gets its color thanks to the elements vanadium and chromium. The gemstone was only first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania. Today, most tsavorite is mined in East African countries. Some tsavorite has been found in parts of Asia.

Most tsavorite mined is under a carat of gem weight. Those larger are rarer, which makes them more valuable. The largest tasvorite ever found on record is a 325.14 deep green beauty. It is worth over $2 million.

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The shades of tsavorite range from a yellow-green to a deeper grassy green or bluish green. As with other gemstones, those with the deepest saturation of color are the most valuable.

The first tsavorite was mined in 1974 by Campbell R. Bridges, the same geologist who discovered it. Tiffany and Company, along with Bridges, introduced the beautiful gemstone to the world with announcements in the the New York Times and The New Yorker.

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